Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NIRI National and Le Tub

NIRI National: hard to believe it was my 11th one. Same faces, new faces. Jason said it right when he mentioned that we are no longer the younger ones. We're now the older ones. Established, I'd say. Florida: Don't know how people can live there in the summer. So muggy. But, we managed to get four rounds of golf in around the raindrops. And two trips to Le Tub (www.theletub.com). Anyone in Hollywood, Florida, needs to go for their burgers. But, put a bunch of IROs there, and we all tried to "change the menu." Note: they won't let you. American or Swiss cheese. Can I have Cheddar? No, American or Swiss. Can I have grilled mushrooms? No. How about onion rings instead of fries? We don't have onion rings. No. But, great burgers, Fun atmosphere. Great key lime pie. Just remember: cash only.

After national, Doug, Rachel and I roadtripped across Alligator Alley. Dropped Doug off in Naples at his dad's, Rachel off in Fort Myers at her grandma's, and then I spent a couple of relaxing days with Mom and Bill. Bit of shopping. Just hanging out. Perfect. Yes, a bit of recovery from the late nights socializing. And boasting about our award-winning D*FW Chapter.

Did we notice the recession at NIRI? I'd have to say, yes. Not as many people (but not a bad thing). Not as "blown out" as others (but not a bad thing). But, still solid. Good job, NIRI National.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NIRI National in Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it's getting close to my 11th NIRI National Conference. This time, in Hollywood, Florida. Not my favorite location -- hot, possibly rainy, definitely humid. It'll be interesting to see what the "mood" is like, given the economy. So many aren't able to make it, due to travel restrictions. Being in Investor Relations when your stock is down more than up, can keep you up at night. So, on Saturday, I get on a plane and head East. Looking forward to hearing if we win any Chapter Awards. The DFW Chapter is strong and Jason Landkamer and the 2008-2009 Board of Directors did an amazing job. Here's to a strong 2009-2010 Board, headed by Veronica Marks.

More on NIRI National when I arrive.