Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinehurst Golf Academy "One of Three" Golf Experience Reflections

Still don't have many photos to post (Brad and Kris are sending me theirs since I was negligent on the photo op front). But, sitting in the Admirals Club with time to kill, figure I'd start putting down some afterthoughts on this experience. They aren't in any particular order. And they may ramble and you'll get bored, but I really have nothing better to do.

Few (or many) things:
* If you see a post from Pinehurst asking you to send an email about why you should be on camera for three days of Golf Academy -- for FREE -- jump on it (sorry, but I didn't share this post with my friends because I didn't want to get the word out). Amazing experience.

Dan, Brad, Kris meeting up for drinks and dinner on Thursday night. Tim got in late.
* Even if you have to stay up late, spend as much time as you can with the people that you're going through this experience with. Dan and Tim were great as producers of this show. Brad and Kris were great to experience this with. The more time you spend with them, the easier it is.
* Hope that you have a Brad in your mix. What I mean by that is -- a on camera sports person. He'll take over when you're having issues. And you will have issues (see below).
* Being broken down in the academy AND being on mike and on camera all of the time -- and interrupted while you're thinking 30 others things and can't even remember your name -- IT'S HARD. With all of my in person, in front of people experience, theatre experience, I didn't think I'd have a problem with the camera at all. Oh, I was so wrong.
* When they drag all participants into the bay to video ONE swing, you will be nervous (it's a small room and you barely know anyone). You may miss it (but nobody did in our group). They don't really care if you hit a ball or air. They just want to take a green highlighter to show you all of the things that are wrong with your swing (while I haven't had this, it's kinda like going to a plastic surgeon where they take a pen to all of the areas you want nipped and tucked).
Stephanie, bartender at Dugans
* Dugans can be an evil place, especially if you go before Day 1. But, don't turn it down.  You're here for the full experience of Pinehurst, the Academy, and being "a superstar." You're supposed to have a hangover opening day.
* For dinner, definitely order all three courses (appetizer, entree, dessert). In my case, everyone else ate what I didn't. In Dan's case, we had an extra appetizer since he was going to skip his (he wasn't thinking about the team, but we quickly recovered for him).
* If you're a morning person like me, you're going to suffer if you wake up before 530 am (even 545 am). No in room coffee makers (hotels could burn down, or so they say). Going for a walk each morning didn't quite cut it while waiting for the coffee to show up in the lobby. Doing yoga in my room didn't quite cut it either.
Who couldn't order a Slammin Sam to drink on a golf course. Yes, I'll have two please. Probably should have ordered three.
* On Day 1, they will "break you mentally and physically" with the instructor analysis, video analysis, on course practice. You have 51 swing thoughts going on in your head and you can't figure out which one you want to think about. And while on course, you're also dealing with "other stuff" and the instructors pushing you, tugging you, this way and that to get you where you're supposed to be. And then you might completely miss the ball. It's OK. After they leave after about 8 holes, get a couple of beers (one won't do). Everyone is feeling the same.
* On Day 1, definitely play all 18 holes, but don't expect to "score." Don't expect to really even care the last nine. Enjoy the beer and the company you're with. And the fact that the mikes are off and the cameras too, and you can say bad, mean things about the producers (not that we did, but we could).
* Definitely eat all three meals. They are on the package. And, the food is really good. DEFINITELY DON'T SKIP DESSERT AT PINEHURST!
* On Day 2, you'll feel "human" again. They'll work with you on all of the swing thoughts they gave you and encourage you. And you'll actually hit some pretty good shots (of course, these beauties will always be off camera and the producers will only capture the misses -- hopefully they were hiding and secretly filming when I was hitting these shots).
* Ask questions. Listen to your instructors. Ignore the producers and pretend they aren't there (easier to do Day 2). Maybe if you get them drunk the night before, they may be ignoring you and you can focus on golf.
* If they ask you if you want to go back to the Academy after they are finishing up the on course practice and leaving you on your own -- definitely accept (in my case, I needed to hit 300+ balls so that it felt natural and not so much like a technique).
* From the above, probably not the best idea to hit another 300+ balls after you've already hit that many in the morning...
* Worry briefly if they ask if you ever played golf "the other way" (in my case, right handed). But then just think that they think you have such skills that you'd be awesome both right and left handed.
* Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. (good time to do when you're waiting for the coffee to be out in the lobby).

NOTE: Dan and Tim at Go TV Entertainment were awesome. They dealt with not knowing us but having to deal with us. Not knowing if they would have ANY usable footage of any of us (except Brad). Of not knowing if on Sunday the before and afters would be impressive (or worse than before). Leaving them to go on istock video footage to find golf shots to superimpose onto Pinehurst hallowed grounds (without letting us, Pinehurst, or the general public know that that perfect ball flight was not me, Brad, or Kris, but some long hitter looking to make $300 bucks by selling istock a "perfect tee shot video." -- Have to see if there are any of these. I can't wait to see the final segments, but I know they'll be great.

* Have fun. * Yes, you will wonder who Paul, one of the instructors reminds you of. Yes, you will finally figure it out on Day 2 that he reminds you of Damon Wayans. And, you will never be able to look at him without also seeing the little hat he wore in "In Living Color."

Paul (aka Damon Wayans) giving on course practice tip. We think this may have been the 50 yard hybrid/putt to the green that we all royally sucked at. It was to show that we have "options" around the course. This one was not a good one for any of us. Note camera. Note the mike on Kris.
* Yes, if you're "one of the three" (surely they'll come up with a different format than this or Take 10 if they do it again, but it will involve the Golf Academy and they won't be changing up the format of the Golf Academy as far as I know), you will spend time together. You will not spend much time with the rest of the group away from the academy.
* If your child accidentally has a poop fall out on the floor in a friend's kitchen, fess up to it instead of hiding it, causing her to step in it. It's not your child's fault he couldn't hold it. Technically it's your fault because you can't poop in public and hold it until you get home.
* The camera does make you heavier. Black isn't a bad choice. Crazy patterns, I don't think Dan and Tim would have been too happy. And, you'd look fat.
* Per Laura, if you're a woman, wear mascara -- and lip gloss (and, yes, Laura, I did, even though I didn't reapply).
* You will hate some (or all) of the instructors -- but only briefly. I wanted to kill Jeff out on the course when we had on-course practice. But, the next morning, Jeff did wonders in getting me and my swing back together (sorry, Jeff, for the "I'd like to kill you" thoughts).
* You will revert back to your "school days" when you're talking in class, not paying attention to the instructor. But, you're an adult. And, there's the internet and you can probably google what you didn't hear later.
* If you've had enough of Dugan's, there are other establishments in the village. They don't have kareoke (sp), but they may have live music. All of them will be frequently by (1) men wearing golf clothing in herds because they are on a "guys trip" and out on the town  (2) overly dressed women and their husbands because their husbands are golfing while they are at the spa (3) others -- like us. Don't think we cared too much about what we wore to dinner.
* Even if it's cold, you haven't warmed up on the range, it's cold, and you haven't warmed up on the range, if you get to film a segment playing #18 on Pinehurst #2, do it. And, per the shuttle driver, they put the pin on 18 in the same place that Payne Stewart won the US Open -- each and every Sunday.
* Listen to the shuttle drivers. He told me something about triangular greens and oil and water. I wasn't paying enough attention (see above) so I'll have to google it.
* It's pretty awesome. You'll have an ah ha moment, even if the camera isn't rolling.

Enough of my Pinehurst reflections. Photos to come. Another drink at the bar before heading to USAirways.

Student Video Player - Pinehurst Golf Academy (before and after)

Well, the 3 Day Golf Academy at Pinehurst is over. Headed back to Raleigh Durham Airport, unfortunately unable to play Sunday because there was no 2 pm shuttle and I have to catch a flight. Unfortunately flying US Airways (nothing against them), but there is an Admirals Club. Just watched my before and after video of my swing and there is a Share feature that I'm trying out. If you're not a golfer, you probably don't need to watch. If you are a golfer and know that I've managed to put a game together. But apparently without a swing that should work -- but I got away with. This is what Pinehurst Golf Academy, thanks to Eric, Jeff, Paul and Brian, managed to do with me (yes, stubborn me) in what I would really say is 2 days. And most of the fixing took place on day 2 (first they break you down, then they build you back up). I am amazed and how good the swing feels (and looks). I'm even hitting my woods again. Still have a lot of work and practice to get it right, but I am really happy to participate in the Pinehurst Golf Academy. And happy that I was one of the lucky three selected to be filmed for three days by Pinehurst and Go TV Entertainment.

Student Video Player

There will be more follow up blogs on this adventure, but figured I'd see how a video posts on my blog (first time to try this feature).

Day 2 at Pinehurst Golf Academy: Humiliation or Revelation?

I began Day 2 of the Pinehurst Golf Academy feeling pretty anxious about my game and the fixes I needed to make. But, went into the day with an open mind. This is what I'm hear for. It's not their fault that I have a homemade swing that could look like Charles Barkley's on any given day (please note that he was never referenced when they compared my swing. but then, they didn't reference much of anyone).

Aside: Note to Pinehurst. There are early risers here. And coffee drinkers. But no in room coffee makers. 5 am is a better time to begin serving coffee.

After breakfast and heading back over to the academy, we started our day with routines and practice "class." Nothing really shocking, but reinforced. And they gave us a deck of cards to play "short games." Might be fun in Michigan when we're looking for more reasons to stay out on the course. I know that I'm going to have to figure out a way to work in more practice if I'm going to be able to keep improving. Saturday and Sunday mornings before playing just won't cut it.

After Eric finishes up class, we head to the range for some more full swing work. Jeff starts off with me, again, reinforcing especially my backswing and standing tall, exaggerating my backswing. Feels less foreign than Day 1, but it is a big change and often feels like I'm trying to dislocate my right shoulder. But, it's working. Practice swing. Hit ball. Practice swing. Hit ball. Step and repeat. Over and over. Takes me to a mirror to see the back swing. Asks me if I'm really left handed. Yes. Asks me if I ever played golf right handed. Uh oh. Is the reality that I am so "broken" that I need to start over and play right handed? But, then back to hitting balls and practicing. It's clicking. Then Brian comes over. Asks if I've ever had my clubs fitted. No -- how easy is it for a left handed woman, who is also short, be able to have all of the shafts and clubs to be fitted properly? Well, probably not that hard, but I'm an immediate kind of person and can walk out of the PGA Superstore with a set of clubs. He comes back with a seven iron that is slightly shorter than my clubs. Feels pretty good, but not entirely sure right now if that's making a difference. Everything is different.

Then Eric comes over -- Eric is in charge of the Academy -- works with me some more. Then break time and time for sand play. Paul (who we figured out finally sounds like Damon Wayans and we're giggling thinking of him with that hat he wore in In Living Color) does the demonstration. Clearly has done this demo before because he's hitting four balls out of the sand at the same time, backwards balls, four irons with a lip, etc. I'm so "obsessed" with my other game that it's hard to commit to the bunker play.

Then putting analysis (big surprise that they determined that I have a longer back stroke and decelarate on my return). Then putting practice. Finally lunch and then we're going to go back onto the course for some on course training. We get Eric.

On course is interesting because we hit off the tee -- them forcing me to hit my driver, which is going more forward, but still pretty awful. After our tee shots, head to different places. 150 yards out. 125 yards out. Shot over a bunker onto the green. Side hill down hill lie to the pin. Long putt off the green. Short putt off the green. I'm taken away in the middle of it for some video. And come back for one more hole with Eric. When he's getting ready to head back to the Academy, suggests that I go with him back for more range instruction. Wants to synch my "new backswing" with follow through. Sounds good. How often does one get the chance to have instruction like this?

Back on the range, Eric sets up a station for me and works on my follow through. More out. Feels like I'm hitting a baseball compared to where I was. Foreign, but when a couple go where they are supposed to, it feels so "simple." Alternates me between my 7 iron and 3 wood (yes, the 3 wood). 7 iron grooves in pretty easily. 3 wood -- harder. But having not hit this club in almost a year, can't expect it to "work" as easily (Kris, one of the other selections had the opposite. Wouldn't hit his irons). Practice swing. Hit ball. Practice swing. Hit ball. Step and repeat. A lot of golf balls. Eventually my body didn't really want to hit the ball. But Paul came and gave me a couple of final "checks/fixes" and I hit a couple of great 3 woods before ending for the day.

Shower. Dinner with Brad, Kris and Dan and Tim who are producing this segment. While we've interacted with the rest of the people in the academy, we do spend more time together in our group, going through the same experience. Couple of drinks and then bed. We're all dragging a bit. This is a lot of golf.

Day 3. Swing analysis: then and now. Wrap up. Then back to Dallas.

I go to bed feeling pretty good -- actually better than pretty good -- about my swing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 1 at Pinehurst Golf Academy (the horror)

Day 1 at the Pinehurst Golf Academy. Not only do the three of us being filmed have to deal with finding out about our golf swing. We also have mikes (sp) and are going to have cameras in our face the entire day. Little did I know how difficult it would be. We all meet up for a great breakfast buffet in the Carolina Room and then head over to the pro shop. They stage us in our carts and we head over to the other side of the driving range to the academy. Fill out a form asking about what we think the state of our game is. I put in average to weak in most categories -- I know I am an 11 handicap, but I also know that "I'm not that good." That's why I'm hear. They get Brad, Kris and I miked up and then off to the driving range to hit a few shots. The instructors go down the line -- I hear "that was pretty good though" as they have a check list to go down. I hear "shoulder" and "head." Don't really know. I thought I'd be wiffing balls on the range but they looked like my normal shots.

Then they steer all 12 of us into a bay to have one shot videotaped to analyze. This is tough because you're in a small room with everyone in the back, watching each of us take shots. I get to go last, with Barry, because as lefties, they have to move the cameras. All I can say was that I was happy that it went airborne and I didn't shank it. Then, back to the driving range where they rotated instructors showing us what we need to do. Find out that my head bobs down a whole lot. And my shoulder dips. And I over rotate (I definitely know that) and my backswing goes in, not out (I know that). But, I've managed to make it work for me. And then they bring us into an office to see our swings. Have to admit that I've seen my swing on video, but never had it taken apart quite like that. But, it's good to visualize and see what's going on. Something I can work on (and hope that come Sunday that there is a difference when they retape us).

The video and interviews is tough. You already have all of these new swing thoughts going on in your head -- and then Dan and Tim take you aside and want you to talk about it. Barely can say my name I have so much going through my head. Pretty much sucked at being on camera because I was thinking too much about golf that dialogue just didn't want to come out.

Then chipping. The cameras were off for this segment -- could have used them because we looked pretty good in this part. Then pitching. Trying to commit to new swing thoughts and carrying over the bunker -- sometimes it worked. Sometimes not.

After lunch, we get to have on-course instruction. Really looking forward to this portion. Or so I thought. Paul took us out for the first four holes. Basically taking us to different places on the course to try different shots. Of course, this is the first time I've used a wood since December, so not only am I dealing with new swing thoughts, I'm dealing with clubs that haven't been my friends for a while. Definitely not so good, but Paul was encouraging and I actually hit a few. I don't want to revert back to the 4 iron off the tee and want these clubs back. But, it is so frustrating. And with cameras on, it's all being recorded. Damn it sucked. But, that's why I'm here and it's easier to break this apart here than at home. My mind registers what they are telling me, but my body is saying "no, no, no." I wish there was a machine you could plug into that would step and repeat it until the body says "yes, yes, yes." Paul had us also try some other kinds of shots like using a hybrid from 40 yards, bunker shots (we looked pretty good in this segment). But, off the tee, I just didn't hit one good shot. After Paul, Jeff joins us for more on course instruction, trying to give me some drills to help get the body in line with what it's "supposed" to be doing -- but still doesn't. They then leave us to finish out the round. The weather, at least, is beautiful. And the company of Brad and Kris good too. Brad's from Scottsdale and Kris lives in Ashville. Nice to be off camera for a little while. We've also decided that it's been a long day and we've hit a whole lot of golf balls.

A couple of beers after our round, the academy cocktail party, then shower, change and dinner on the patio at the Tavern (we're staying in the Holly). While my game is pretty shaky and my mental state as well, the food and company is good. A beer at Dugans and then bed. Day 1 is over. Success? Well, it doesn't feel like it. Haven't had that "ah ha moment" and don't know when I will. I will, but this isn't going to be an overnight success story. I've been using this homemade swing for so long that it's pretty grooved in physically and mentally.

Ready for Day 2. More of the same, but hopefully better. And hopefully will be more comfortable with the camera on top of the instruction.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pinehurst, here I come.

Sitting on USAirways, heading to Charlotte. My intention was to read, but the young lady (read: terror) behind me makes it impossible to concentrate. So, we’ll start on the blog for this upcoming adventure.
Backtrack to last week. Was on Facebook and saw a post on Pinehurst page. They were looking for three individuals who were willing to be on camera and attend a three day golf academy. Free academy, free lodging, free meals. Send an email why, they said. As I’ve been chronicling my “driver yips,” unable to hit my driver, or my woods, having to settle for 4 irons and loss of distance, I looked at my calendar, figured I could be free if I could get a flight and shot a quick email to them. Didn’t spend much time. Mentioned being left handed. Mentioned my “driver yips.” And missing playing the white tees since I want’s hitting my woods. Said choose me. Pretty short and simple email. Figured maybe they’d do a social media search and find me and see that I’m a little bit of a golf nut. Sent and then went back to work. Didn’t share the post for selfish reasons -- figured that if I shared to my friends that I could lose my opportunity (sorry guys).
So, come Tuesday, I get a call in the morning on my way to a meeting from Dan at Go TV. He’s calling about my email to Pinehurst. Asks some questions about my game, asks what I would think about spending the time on camera for three days. Asked more questions, but I was driving so probably only paying half attention to what I was responding to. Said that if I could get a flight, I was in. He said he had to make a few calls, but I was the number one women they were considering. Get back to the office, checked airfares -- in particular American, where I have status. $1,600 round trip. Sorry, but no go. Check other airlines and US Air has flights that are only about $650 round trip to Raleigh Durham. Calculate the baggage fees, other fees and it still doesn’t make sense to go American. But we booked it (yes, and the next morning, doublechecked American in case there was a big drop and I could cancel these flights). Oh, how I love the status I have on American. Seat selection, early boarding, no bag check, Admirals Club. But, I’m heading to Pinehurst.
Of course what I’m going to wear on camera was on my mind -- but not really. Black is slimming so we are pretty much wearing black. Thought about taking all of my Pebble Beach attire, hoping that when I show up that they just have to outfit me in new Pinehurst attire. But, changed my mind (some Wisconsin, some Michigan). Made sure I packed makeup that I normally don’t wear on the course. I’m hearing Laura Holt tell me “just a little bit of mascara and lip gloss and don’t forget your tinted moisturizer with SPH.” Can’t let her down. Jason Alexander’s advice is to make sure I wear the same colored shoes. Done.
So, Wednesday night have to attend the Dallas IABC Quill Awards where we are up for an award for the Tyler Technologies 2011 Annual Report and haven’t packed anything but my golf clubs. We win an award of excellence so it’s a great start to this adventure. Get home, pack (yes, Woodbridge is represented with a golf hat and a pullover), and off to sleep.
Up and at the airport pretty early. I’m worried that it’s going to take more time since I have to go through the “normal people” lines. Also hoping that there is an Admirals Club in Terminal E (there’s not). OK, here’s a plug for US Airways. I have to give the person at the gate credit. The plane was running late (took off early and caught head winds). He prepares everyone for a firedrill to get us boarded quickly so we can make up some of the time so we can all hopefully catch our connecting flights. He does it in a professional, yet funny manner that I don’t see from American (will have to check to see if US Airways is on time more). Boarding process is efficient, except for the people who put their rollers in the wrong bin the wrong way and more rearranging commences. And, more humor from the flight attendants who are bossy in a funny way when it’s time to turn off our phones and get seated: “You have connections, we don’t. So get in your seats.” “If you don’t want to turn your phone off now, we need you to get off the phone.” Meanwhile the mother (who, by the way, is just as irritating as the beast and her older sister) behind me with the terror is trying her best to get “it” to stop being a nightmare, even telling the flight attendant that her child can get kicked off the plane. What I do want to plug American for though is “nicer” planes than US Airways. But, I’m heading to Pinehurst.

So, what’s in store. DFW to Charlotte. Then Charlotte to Raleigh Durham. Get my bags which will hopefully make the connection. Catch the Pinehurst shuttle to Pinehurst (about 1 hour and 15 minute drive). Supposedly Brad, one of the other three “stars” will be on my shuttle. We’ll get checked in -- think I’m staying at the Carolina or the Holly -- a different place from last time we stayed when we were at the main hotel. I think these are going to have more character. We’re to meet up with Dan at the bar with the third -- I think he’s from North Carolina and Brad is from Arizona. For a drink and the run down.

The academy. Of course I went online and checked it out. It’s going to be pretty packed from a schedule standpoint. Here’s the agenda (Tony made fun of me for actually printing it out -- I just had to know) -- you can also view it on the Pinehurst Golf Academy section at

Friday, October 19
7:00 am Breakfast with Sue in the Carolina Room
(along with all 12 participants in this three day academy)
7:50 am Meet at Resort Golf Shop
8:00 - 8:30 am Opening Clinic
8:30 - 9:45 am Full Swing with Video Interview
9:45 - 11:00 am Chipping and Situational Practice
11:00 am - 12:15 pm Pitching and Situational Practice
12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm On-course Practice *
6:00 - 7:00 pm Cocktail Party
* this I’m looking forward to -- play 9 holes on one of the courses, except #2 with the instruction. And then, we can keep playing the rest on our own (of course I’m going to get my 18 holes in).

Saturday, October 20
8:00 - 8:30 am Opening Clinic
8:30 - 9:45 am Putting and Situational Practice
9:45 - 11:00 am Bunker and Situational Practice
11:00 am - 12:15 pm Full Swing
12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm On-course Practice
Sunday, October 21
8:00 - 8:30 am Opening Clinic
8:30 - 9:45 am Full Swing with Video Review
9:45 - 11:00 am Chipping/Putting Review
11:00 am - 12:15 pm Pitching/Bunker Review
12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Play Golf
Head back to Dallas.
Am I nervous? Yes. Don’t know where the camera will be (me and my line of vision) or how my swing will react to being on camera. Don’t know if the camera will add 20 pounds that I don’t want. Don’t know if I’ll cooperate with the instructors (who supposedly are going to work with your swing, not break it apart and start over). But excited to have three days of intense golf instruction at Pinehurst. And hoping to break the curse of the driver yips. And work on my putting. And bunker play (guess they won’t let me use my putter). And short game. I’m sure at times I’ll be on form. And at times I’ll be a basket case. But, at least with my experience in advertising, and being in front of people, I think I’m up to the challenge. Hopefully on camera I will restrain myself from any “colorful language” that I have been know to blurt out. At least I can guarantee that I won’t have a Pete moment and throw a club (sorry, Pete, you knew I had to work that in).
And then hope I bring a new game back to Woodbridge. Hammer!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maggie and Kat

Everyone knows that Maggie and Kat rule the house. Maggie, is going on 11 years old in November and while she's creaky -- and missing three toes -- manages to get around. And amazing how quickly she gets up when she smells cantaloupe (why, we don't know), or bacon, and a few other things. And, if I'm not out of bed in time, she is right next to the gate waiting for her cookie. Took her to the vet last week and she's down to 150 pounds. That's a good wait for an old girl. Hard to believe she once was 230 pounds.

And then there's Kat, or Kat Dog. Our poor little girl -- who we thought was going to be a little white princess puppy to find out that white terriers don't like to stay white, and like to roll in places they should so that they can smell extra special. Well, Kat has been suffering with skin issues. Itchy scratchy, flaky skin, infections. Poor baby and the vet hasn't been able to figure out what's wrong.  But, after more and more reading, westies are prone to skin issues.

So, we moved Kat off of Maggie's food and on to a glutten free food and cookies. Help? Who knows. She still likes to try and steal Maggies food and cookies. And, she gets Benadryl 2X a day (and loves it). She's been on Prednisone (but, that's not good for a long time and she also got pretty chunky as it makes you hungry). And antibiotics. And special shampoo. And more trips to the vet. And more time on the internet reading things. But who wants their babies to suffer? Not us.

Yesterday I posted on a Facebook Westie site including asking about a medication called ATopica. No feedback. But, the English Mastiff group I belong to is quite vocal and informative, so I decided to post it there. Whammo -- raw diet, chick pea flour dog cookies, Sojos dog food (raw dehydrated and then you add water), Natural Balance dog food, holistic vet, animal dermatologists. Could be mites, could be thyroid, could be allergies, could be... Very helpful information that now I'm contemplating. Didn't know that the glutten free dog foods still have stuff in them that Kat could be allergic too. Very helpful stuff from the English Mastiff community.

First a Produce Co-op, then a composter. Now, it sounds like going organic may be in Kat's future.