Monday, August 20, 2012

Pantry/Fridge Clean Out Week

I said I could post whatever I want to on my blog but that most would be golf related. Here is an unrelated blog post (that was inspired due to the rain delay at the Wyndham tournament on Sunday). If you've never done this, it can actually be fun: clean out your pantry and fridge week.

The goal is to pretty much empty out your cabinets and refrigerator and freezer of stuff that you forgot about (microwave popcorn). Stuff you bought but haven't used (microwave popcorn). Stuff that you've bought too much of (for some reason, I like to have lots of cream of mushroom soup).

Yesterday inspired me to do this. Don't know how much we'll eliminate this week, but we're determined to purge the kitchen. This can be a challenge if you want to create a meal and not a hodgepodge.

Sunday night dinner resulted in us using up the frozen ground beef (adding Lipton's French Onion Soup mix, Panko Crumbs, Worcestershire Sauce, Eggs), hamburger rolls (two in the fridge we discovered) and Canned Baked Beans.

Tonight we're having "Thanksgiving," consisting of roast chicken tenderloin (marinated in something from the pantry), cranberry sauce (had a bag in the freezer, along with a solo orange), mashed potatoes (boxed -- note to self, Tom Thumb's brand is not as good as Hungry Jack if you're opting for the boxed mashed potatoes), and Stuffing Casserole (featuring fresh broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, herbed stuffing, mayo, and egg).

Tuesday we'll have Flank Steak, baked potatoes (plus sour cream and shredded cheese). An freezer made cole slaw (forgot I made that so we'll give it a try).

Wednesday, I think we'll be having chicken thighs with some sort of "rice product" and use up one of the final cans of vegetables left (since signing up for the Urban Acres produce coop, the idea of canned veggies is unappealing.

Thursday or Friday may be spaghetti night with homemade sauce from the freezer and pasta from the pantry. We can't do without garlic bread, which may be the challenge since we're running low on bread. Bisquick may be calling our name in that department -- or, the refrigerated pie crusts or frozen phyllo dough. For a veggie, may be making some sort of salad (which will also use up some of the random salad dressings we have in the fridge).

You're thinking, this doesn't seem pantry cleaning enough. Well, we can add that I took out a loaf of zucchini bread from the freezer for breakfast. Have taken some broccoli soup (homemade from the freezer), chard, sausage and white bean soup (homemade from the freezer) for lunch, along with the Plucots from the fruit drawer, granola from the pantry, and the fruit sorbet freezer things that have lived in the freezer for at least a year.  Some almost finished boxes of crackers (note to self: check to see if they are stale). No buying lunch for me this week.

Are we going to completely empty the pantry and fridge? Not exactly. But, if we can use this as a good time to especially clean out the freezer of all of the soups and such I've been making and freezing and then not using. And a way of eliminating at least a few canned items. And using up a few random bottles of stuff bought (e.g. salad dressing and other condiments). And a few almost used up jars of seasonings in the spice drawer.

During the week, Tony fends for himself breakfast and lunch wise, so I know he'll be able to put a dent into any bacon, sausage, eggs, bisquits, sandwich meat, cheese, along with loose end veggies that might be good in an omelet. Doubt I'll be able to talk him into using up any of the cans of soup that have accumulated. Maybe if I leave them strategically on the counter...

The two boxes of microwave popcorn? Determined that we'll use up some of it. May have to have "movie night" this week. The eight cans of "cream of..." soup? Well, have a plan for one of them. But may be donating the rest at a canned drive if one is going on.

At the end of the week, officially ending on Saturday/Sunday, when I have to go to the grocery store (and we pick up our Urban Acres produce co-op share), I will let you know how the "purge" goes. There may even be an "after photo."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Days (combined)

Sitting in the Admirals Club, uploading and downloading the last of the blog. Will update with additional photos when I have the time. This is the part of the trip where we all kind of go our separate ways. We had a great meal at Pete's mom's house and she was kind to take us to the airport. Checked our bags. Since Tom and I were upgraded to first, we were able to check all bags but one. Left Pete and Bob smoking on the curb. Hard to believe this is what we believe is our eighth trip (including the one to Wisconsin). Another great experience and wonderful adventures.

Admirals Club at OHare with netbook and gin & tonic, uploading photos to

Tom uploading photos to his Mac at the Admirals Club
As we head back to Chicago to head back to Dallas tonight, I’ll be combining the last two days of the trip, typing away as Pete drives, Tom sleeps and, of course, Daigle sleeps. I'm actually typing this blog so that I don't look forward. After Pete's golf cart incident, and our periodic "coming in hot" commentts this week, I'd prefer not to be looking forward. He's an aggressive driver. Not a bad thing, but the van's brakes aren't the best.

The Michigan golf trip is close to an end, just need to make it back to Dallas. Looking forward to seeing Tony, and Maggie and Kat, and sleeping in my own bed tonight. No, we will not be playing Woodbridge in the morning.

Friday, we wake up, pack up and head to the Lodge for our last breakfast and to check out. I guess people don’t really tip well in Michigan because they always seem so appreciative of tips. In fact, while I added tip to our final bill, the waitress didn’t ring it up. And at check out, I had to insist that they rerun my final tab to include it. Oh, forgot to add this to this blog: I am the bank on the trip. Everyone puts into the kitty and from that comes food, tips to cart people, bev cart, etc. We also have any of the additional charges from the resort go to my bill so we only have to take the difference and split by four. While it’s a pain for me, it works out in the long run. In fact, we have only a few pennies left from this kitty. Perfect amount. Pete was worried about all of the beer we drink that he doesn’t. Tom reminded him that he eats a lot more than us so it comes even. All checked out and off to Saugatuck we head. We’re supposed to be playing the Ravines at 130 pm. On the way, I call Roy, the manager of Remington Forest, where we are staying Friday night. It’s a bird hunting lodge in Fennville. It’s already raining there and doesn’t look good. Told him we’d play it by ear and call if we end up showing up early. Call my nieces, Lily and Clara, to wish them a happy 7th birthday (and talk to Anna and Allison as well). Per Al, it doesn’t look good in Chicago either, with 15-25 mph winds.
By the time we get to Grand Rapids, good steady rain. But, we all sound like the USGA (or PGA) commercial with the golf shack in the pouring rain… “Are you a single?” Our plan: drive through downtown Saugatuck, then head to Ravines and “see.” Saugatuck looks more touristy than I even remember. Ravines is a newer development off of Blue Star Highway. Still raining. We go in, have a beer, watch some of the PGA Championship. I know I won’t play in that. Pete doesn’t really want to. Bob? Tom, well, depending, he’ll play in just about anything. But, we all decide to bail. The game plan: go to Crane’s for lunch, then head to Remington Forest. There is at least a pool table. I’m going to Crane’s by feel not address.

We get a bit turned around, but only slightly. Looks like everyone has the same idea because there’s a 30 minute wait. If the guys don’t like it, oh well. I’m having apple cider and a Sloppy Joe! Crane’s hasn’t changed much, but their menu has expanded. Tom, Pete and I all order Sloppy Joe’s. Bob a chef salad (guessing it’s going to be good since it will be fresh veggies and dairy). They approve of lunch and all buy a loaf of apple butter bread to take home with them.

Head to Remington. Roy (and Babydoll, his dog) get us settled in and leave. We get the TV on and start off shooting pool. Play a few games (Tom, I believe, is the big winner in singles, while Bob and I were winners in doubles). The power has gone out and they are working on it. Tom and I decide to explore outside and go to the barn where there are some chuckers and pheasant. Tom disappears. Then, I hear an engine start and Tom’s getting the gator (ATV “thing) started. I jump in and we head to the house and pull it into the garage. Yes, it is pretty steady rain. I mention rain gear and then we see boots. And I see some overalls. We look at each other and scurry around, me putting on my golf shoes, getting my rain jacket, golf hat, and putting on the overalls. What a get up! We’re just giggling as we plan on going on an adventure around the property. Might as well check it out.

Rigged up outfit to go in the gator (golf shoes, golf rain jacket, golf hat... and overalls).

Raining at bit at Remington Forest, but taking the gator out.
Rain gear and rubber boots found in the garage work for Tom.

Think Tom was coming out of the woods after marking his territory.

Decided not to try it a third time.

Getting ready to check out the distillery. Well, ended up being a deerblind.

Ready to wait for some deer (or bears, or some kind of critter).

Bird hunting field.

Off we go, with no definite purpose in mind. Since Tom’s been on these things all of the time and has a handle on the “wilderness” I figure I’m in good hands. First, around the pond, where we startle a resting deer. Dead end. Turn around and then shoot down the road, waving at Pete and Bob outside on the front porch as we drive by into some other woods. We must have ridden around the property about 45 minutes in the pouring rain, having a good time.

Decide to head back so we don't get lost in the dark, even though we probably have a few hours to go before dark. We're also pretty wet despite our cool outfits. The power is back on and Pete and Bob are wondering what's for dinner. We decide to go check out the place across the railroad tracks that has ribs on Friday. We all thought that Roy said it was at the gas station, but it's at the hotel in Fennville. We all order drinks and half orders of ribs. Great meal (and one of our least expensive of the trip). Then, back to the lodge. The lodge has two bedrooms and a loft and two and a half baths. The loft has a twin and a bunkbed.  Bob and Pete say they snore. Tom doesn't mind bunking, but not with a snorer. I say, give Bob and Pete the bedrooms and then Tom and I will take over the loft. Besides, neither of us will sleep in so we can turn on lights, etc., when we get up. Worked for the most part, except the walls were thin and "Paul Bunyan" as Bob nicknamed Pete, kept him up.

Not raining so we head to South Haven to hopefully find something open for breakfast. Big Boy it is. Then check in at the Ravines (note to Mom: no, this isn't South Haven Country Club. It's a course about 11 years old designed by Arthur Hills). Supposed to be Links style in a Michigan kind of way. We're not hitting it far, but I'm actually in play and making pretty solid contact.

popsicle ball tom found
Pete is the big winner our last round. But, Bob shoots an 81 (39 on the back) for his best round of Michigan. We pack up the golfbags and change clothes to make the drive to Pete's Mom's house for a meal and a drop off at the airport. But first, we need to make a stop at Sherman's Dairy for ice cream. Another childhood memory to revisit.

I order a blackberry ice cream (baby, single, double). Single please. Bob orders the same in a cone. Meanwhile, Pete (of course) ordered chocolate. I've lost track of Tom who is trying stuff, including Sherman Tracks. Well, he ordered a double. And what a double. But, we made him go for it.

Tom's double cone (I am holding it while taking a picture of the table we used to sit at when going to Sherman's)

Blue Moo outside of Sherman's

The boys outside of Sherman's Dairy in South Haven, MI
Off we head to Chicago, stopping in Indiana on the way for gas. Have a wonderful meal (spaetzle -- sp -- with chicken in gravy and salad and bread and a nice Leinenkugal Amber). Move the bags from the van (bye bye van) to the Pacifica and head to OHare. You never know about traffic in Chicago. Not bad.

OK, time to load this down and publish it and walk to the gate and make sure Pete and Bob are in the building. Countdown to next year. Reminder: more photos may (or may not) be added to these blog posts.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 6: Donald Ross and Hidden River

Same routine this morning as yesterday. Leave at 545 to head to Boyne Highlands for breakfast (no Ian Poulter’s Mom sighting this time). Then, off to Country Club of Boyne to play Ross (all famous holes of course architect Donald Ross -- many know Pinehurst, Seminole). We haven’t played this course in a couple of rotations (I forget that two years ago we went to Wisconsin instead of Michigan).
Hole 1: Seminole #6 (North Palm Beach, FL)
Hole 2: Plainfield #4 (Plainfield, NJ)
Hole 3: Oakland Hills South #17 (Birmingham, MI)
Hole 4: Pinehurst 2 #14 (Pinehurst, NC)
Hole 5: Oak Hill East #13 (Rochester, NY)
Hole 6: Scioto #2 (Columbus, OH)
Hole 7: Inverness #18 (Toledo, OH)
Hole 8: Charlotte CC #11 (Charlotte, SC)
Hole 9: Bo O'Link #11 (Highland Park, IL)
Hole 10: Royal Dornoch #14 (Dornoch, Scotland)
Hole 11: Salem #13 (Peabody, MA)
Hole 12: Detroit North #3 (Detroit, MI)
Hole 13: Seminole #15 (North Palm Beach, FL)
Hole 14: Pinehurst 2 #2 (Pinehurst, NC)
Hole 15: Aronimink #11 (Newton Square, PA)
Hole 16: Pinehurst 2 #10 (Pinehurst, NC)
Hole 17: Wannamoisett (Rumford, RI)
Hole 18: Oakland Hills #16 (Birmingham, MI)

Little bit of history of Donald Ross, "the faother of golf course architecture in America." Born in 1872 in Dornoch, Scotland, he emigrated to the United States in 1899 and was involved in designing or redesigning over 400 courses. He displayed great attention to detail. Often he created challenging courses with very little earth moving (READ: EVIL). What you might not know: His brother, Alec, won the 1907 US Open.
All we can say is “ouch.” Even Tom, who regularly plays two a days on the weekends and is better conditioned than the rest of us. With that said, he’s also over 10 years older than all of us (I’d try to petition for 20 over me, but someone would call me on it). Rain is in the forecast, but it looks like it’s going to skip over us. Head over to the first tee early to watch others tee off. Group of guys in front of us look pretty good and are playing from the tips -- one is a lefty with a Georgia State bag.

At this point, we’re tired and sore, but still golfing. And, we’ve had plenty of “gay humor” with Bob and Pete. Maybe it’s because we have some great photo ops with Pete cracking Bob’s back that seem rather intimate. Tom and I think this is hilarious, calling this “Boyneback Mountain.” It’s amazing how a week together brings out the silly in some of us. Pete has been the object of much teasing -- mainly because he’s so easy to tease -- he just doesn’t seem to be able to roll with it. Bob we could get to do just about anything if we dared him to. And, he constantly makes an easy target as well.

Group photo op at Ross #1 Tee Box

Bob getting his back cracked by Pete (if you know them, you'll think this is hilarious).

My objective is to try to get the ball airborne as much as possible. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We’re all adding a bit of extra club since we know our swing speeds are not our average. I even heard Pete say that he added club (Pete NEVER says he’s adding club).

Again, we’re golfing in Michigan in the 60s. I forgot about a lot of the holes on Ross until we showed up to them. And then they seemed either like old friends -- or enemies. Really good at telling Bob and Pete where NOT to go. Not necessarily remembering where they SHOULD go.

There were even a few holes that I finally played and made par -- or some holes that I actually played where I was supposed to be.
Finish up at Ross and load up in the van to play Hidden River Golf and Casting Club ( New course for me that has just been added to the Boyne “family.” Lunch on the patio right next to a “river” with people canoeing down it. Liked it when a golfer yelled down to one of them “no cellphones in canoes,” because she was on her cellphone while paddling.

Lunch is great on the patio. It was voted one of the best golf course restaurants in Michigan in 2008.

Of we head to the first tee. The group getting ready to tee off in front of us look familiar. I look at their bags -- Georgia State, left handed clubs. Yes, coincidentally they are playing again in front of us. I think this has happened a couple of other times on these trips.

Bob and I get off to a decent start and then both start teetering (me mainly). Tom’s doing the best of the group. Pete has moments and the MOMENTS. But, only think there was one club toss on this course (official tally to date is four tosses -- pretty good for Pete). There is a 600 yard par four on this course that seemed up hill and into the wind. Tom managed to make par. The rest of us didn’t. A lot of sand that I managed not to go into -- probably because I wasn’t hitting it far enough to make it into the sand. Hidden River is a nice track that I would like to return to when it is not round 11.

First robin is a push. Second robin Tom and Bob win. Third robin, Tom and I are up and then lose a couple of holes. Head to 18 all square. Guess if I really want to “try” while sore and tired, I can still turn it on. Good drive. Good second shot onto the green. Tom and Pete also hit good shots onto the green. Bob, he’s pretty much out of the hole after hitting the hazard and then hitting the road and then… Before heading to the green, I take my shoes off and pack stuff up and then plan on putting barefoot. Tom, Pete and I are all pretty close with pretty similar putts. I’m away. Pete’s already declared birdie. I have stayed silent because I get a stroke on this hole. While I’d like to make birdie (net eagle), odds are a par (net birdie) will seal the deal. I’m getting ready to putt and get Daigled because he’s decided to start taking off his shoes and socks. I stop my routine and wait on him (to those of you who know me, that’s pretty hard to do when I’m ready to go). I know you’re thinking I made the birdie. No. Easy par. Did Pete make his birdie to tie. No. So, Tom and I won the last hole (for me, this was a big deal because I haven’t done too great tee to green the entire week).

Load up and off to Bob In Again ( Bob groaned (he probably wants a sit down dinner with more than just “diner” food) but since he got on his phone, his vote doesn’t count. Tom ordered a Bear Claw -- even though he considered a banana split. Seeing that the flavor of the day was Lemon custard, I went with their Strawberry Shortcake with Lemon Custard. Pete gets a grilled cheese (had the same the day before). Can’t remember what I carried out to Bob, talking in the parking lot. There was a little girl’s birthday party right next to us, with one of the mothers taking pictures. Tom, Pete and I could be in a bunchy of them and when the kids see them, they could say “who are those old men in the picture?”
Back to the cabin. Last night here before packing up and heading to Saugatuck. We’re playing the Ravines at 130 and have a 3.5 hour or so ride (depending on traffic and the van). I’ve already packed up my stuff for the most part so it’ll be easy. We’ll load up the van in the morning, head to breakfast, check out (hope Logan is there, but doubt it), and head south to Saugatuck.
Two a days are officially over. Two more rounds to go.

Note: there will definitely be updated posts with more pictures. The photo upload feature is not being cooperative and I'm getting a lot of errors. May be the WiFi strength.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Day 5: Heather and Hills

Today we head out at 545 am to go to breakfast at the Highlands (with a stop at 7-11 on the way for my ritual coffee). Highlands breakfast is a buffet with a guy who has been there as long as I remember who makes really good omelets. Leisurely breakfast because we have plenty of time for our 800 am tee time at Heather. Eventually I’ll get the photo, but a women comes in for breakfast and Bob points, “Look, it’s Ian Poulter’s mom.” She had her hair all bunned/tuffeted (sp) up that looked a lot like Ian’s spikey doo. Pretty funny. Bob even took video.
Weather again is perfect. I love being able to wear a sweater the first holes (would be fine wearing one throughout the round). There are now fewer pictures in this blog because I feel that I’ve already taken so many shots, it’s hard to find new ones. So excuse this blog for having some pretty non-golf images. Plenty of others on earlier blogs. Part of me thought about capturing pictures of all of the cart girls along the trip. Maybe next year. Or the marshals. Or mowers. Or? Taking any suggestions for next year.

Bob checks out the chair at the Country Club of Boyne patio after lunch.
Pete and I are riding together. Bob and Tom. We’ll switch out at the Hills. Bob, again (kind like the Bob In Again), has a good round and kicks some butt. Pete, again, has putting woes. Tom makes the first eagle of the trip on hole 5 (par 5 featured in Big Break). He plays the front pretty well and then not so great on the back. I have some moments and some moments, if you know what I mean. But, I’m on vacation and golfing so I can’t complain.
Bob and I are happy to end the 18 as teammates solidly winning our robin.
Off to the Country Club of Boyne for lunch and then our round at Hills. Lunch on the patio puts Bob into nap mode, Tom into work mode, me wanting to turn my Blackberry on but don’t mode, Pete into talk to the wife mode. It’s pretty relaxing and their sweet potato fries are yummy.
#10 features this crazy green on top of a "mountain." I made par for the first time ever. Usually end up hitting it short or long and ending up in the collection areas and never recovering.
Don't go in this bunker on #12. There were turkeys out today on this hole.
Isn't this "Pure Michigan, Pete?" says Bob.

They think I took this picture and they weren't in the frame. The view to the left is better.

#18, par five, pond on the left all the way to the green
Tee off at Hills and off we go. Again, some good, some bad. It is after all our ninth round of the trip. Four to go.

After we play, with Pete making a great birdie on 18, pack up, Pete picks up his three-wood reshafted (supposedly it was cracked when he pulled it out of his bag. Bob says that may be the case, but before then, it also had an encounter with the cart…) Off to the Bob In Again (Tom and I are happy, Pete and Bob go along with our crazy love of the place). A Moose Track Bear Claw for me and Tom (custard was vanilla and chocolate with Reese’s and the “magic shell”). Yum.

Finally back to the cabin at what I consider a decent hour. Uploading images and typing this up. Uploading Tom’s images to snapfish. Uploading my images to snapfish. Doing the work that I need to do (while extremely difficult on a netbook and Blackberry). Sitting on the floor of my bedroom and typing this makes my knees sore (and my body is already pretty sore from all of this golf). Listening to the Olympics. Spoke to Tony (and Maggie). Time for bed. Will upload the images and this blog in the morning and post.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day 4: Liz's Day at Bay Harbor

Tom likes ketchup

Bob's pretending to read the newspaper
Day 4 has been designated “Liz’s Day.” It’s Bay Harbor and the entire day is special to me, regardless of how I play. We head first to the Inn at Bay Harbor for breakfast at Sagamore’s. Probably shouldn’t be eating breakfast with linen wearing my golf hat (but women are allowed, right?). Then, off to Bay Harbor down the road. All of us have gotten a bit nervous about the van and the speed Pete makes turns into places. Feels like either he’s going to put the van on two wheels, or we’re going to plow into the flowers and rocks next to the turn. So far, so good.

Check in, warm up. We begin with Links/Quarry and then follow up with Preserves/Links. The weather is beautiful. The scenery is gorgeous. Believe it or not, on this trip, I didn’t buy anything. I have plenty of Bay Harbor gear so I’m good. Today, I’m riding (rather driving) Tom around the course. It will be interesting to see how Pete and Bob do in the same cart.

The marshals are pretty serious in a good hearted way at Bay Harbor (actually for the most part, all of the marshals at Boyne courses are great, but Bay Harbor is the best as they also wear a name tag that says where they are from). Larry and "Mr. Ogre" go over pace of play and how we could get forced to skip a hole, blah blah blah. Pete has to tell them what his index is and how we play as 5 every weekend in under 3.5 hours at Woodbridge.

Bob talking to the marshal at the first tee

Again, I have clearly not brought a game to Michigan, especially at the beginning of the round. Bob, playing from a set of tees forward from Pete and Tom, shoots lights out (when we turn these cards into Woodbridge, his handicap may just drop a bit). Bob beats all of us on the Links with a solid 40. Pete’s having “putting issues” again this round. But, we're at Bay Harbor. And, Bob and I have a motto: It's either good, or it isn't. It either will be, or won't be.

Guess somewhere on this nine we missed Pete (aka The Volcano or Whirly-bird) toss one sending a flock of geese scurryering (sp) away thinking that they were target. My bad game, while not making me happy, isn't getting me angry. Besides, I have beer and the beer cart girl has shown us how to stash our beer under the seat. Why hadn't we thought of that earlier?

We make the turn to play the Quarry and the group ahead of us stopped at the clubhouse before heading to the Quarry tees. Tom and I missed something, but Bob thought they were slowing up play and buzzed the marshal on the GPS we have on the cart. Then, he realizes he lost his BOSE speaker for music (which I had “banned for Bay Harbor -- don’t ask me why, but I \just like the atmosphere of Bay Harbor sans music. You can hear the waves on the beach, the silence of the water, just so serene). Ask \if he’s sure that he put it in the cart. Bob takes off in search of his speaker. We wait for the group to clear and then tee up. Find out that two groups back did find his speaker (need to ask Bob where they found it -- who knows). We tee off and then head to our second shots. A couple of minutes later, Larry, the marshal shows up.

“Did you have a problem with your button? Or do you need something?” asks Larry. Tom and I busted up. Clearly the call button on the cart should be for something important. The marshals, after all, are monitoring the pace of play. And, we’re on vacation, so who cares. They aren’t going to put us on the clock if we’re waiting on every shot (and it’s not tedious -- we spend enough time just taking pictures). Larry’s timing wasn’t ideal as Pete shanked one into the woods.

Quarry again is beautiful. Don't know if Pete thinks so as

Had to show my third shot on Hole 3/Quarry. Don't know if I've ever finished this hole. Pretty, but ...

Quarry/Hole 4/Blue Teebox/harbor in the background

Quarry/Hole 7/Par 5

Quarry 9/View from the patio

Lunch on the patio. Bob and Tom have to make a few calls so they didn't get to enjoy as long as me and Pete. How perfect of a day to be able to play a round, sit on the patio overlooking Quarry 9 and get to play another round.

Off we go to Preserves. This takes a little ride down the road past some pretty nice houses. Again, like the Mountain, we load up with extra balls to toss back and forth to each other to see if you can hit a cart. Silly, yes. Fun, yes. We're obviously easy to amuse.

Tee off for our second 18. Pass the marshal (Mr Ogre again) on our way and wave and say hi, again, saying how happy we are to be here. A few minutes later, he comes back and drives into the fairway and beckons me. Hands me a beat up yardage book and says it's his personal and sorry it's so tattered but he thinks it's much better than GPS. He gets a hug. Tom gets a picture.

Please note that all of these blog posts may be reposted with additional pictures that Tom has taken on this trip. Haven't uploaded them yet so as I type, I can't access. And since it's not quite 5 am ET won't go knocking on his door even though he is awake. 
No, Pete isn't beating up on Bob (even though he probably wants to). Just trying to crack Bob's back on Preserves 1.

Preserves 2/Short hole, hard dogleg if you hit it left (don't go left).

Hole 2/Preserves bridge now has gorgeous planter boxes.

Bob: #1 Links, Round 2

Tom, #1 Links, Round 2

Pete, #1 Links, Round 2
The Preserves are also giving Pete fits. One club toss. I'm playing poorly because with all of my overturning, I have a "Athlete's Hernia" as Bob put it. But, still playing and then take out some of my woods. If I'm playing poorly, may try to hit some of them. They go airborne, slightly, but I make contact. But, I'm trying again.

Make the turn and back to Links. OK, Pete, you asked us if we ever thought of playing the same course twice on our week so you can remember the course (Tom and I looked at each other and then at him as if that was the silliest thing in the world. Why would you?). Well, here's your chance. Repeat on the Links this afternoon. Pete does do better, but I guess on the third hole I missed a near cart incident as Daigle took a wrong turn (I think) and went barrelling down a hill, almost turning the cart, crashing the cart, don't know what else. No footage available).

On 4,  Bob almost jars it on the short par 3. But doesn't. Tom and I talk about not eating dinner and playing another 9 (yes, we're like that). It's just so nice here that you don't want to leave. But, we finish our round, load up into the van and head out.

I have really enjoyed this "no cell phone during the day policy" I enacted. I turn it off at breakfast and not on again until after our second round. No distractions. No, let me see what the blinking red light says. I think everyone needs to detox from technology -- especially outside and on a golf course. Try it.

We head to dinner near the Inn. I feel like a prima donna since it's a fish/seafood place and I have to be difficult. Probably not my best meal in Michigan but Tom, Pete and Bob make out OK. Back home to shower, watch the women's beach volleyball team win, and a bit of the Olympics.

Tomorrow: day 5. Heather and Hills. Lunch at the club. Bob In Again for dinner (not per Bob and Pete who may go out when we return). More pictures to be uploaded later since WiFi is going too slow for me.