Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Day 3: The Mountain, Monument and Alpine

Head to the Lodge for breakfast. Tom and I look at the menu and guess what they are going to order. I call Pete on Eggs Benedict. Figure Bob for Steak and Eggs. We’re right. The omelets this time at the Lodge, Tom and I think rival Sagamore’s (which says a lot -- our favorite breakfast at Boyne, typically).

Then, brush our teeth and then off to the Mountain. Starting at Monument. Up the mountain. Pete’s first time and he’s clearly a rookie and takes off without giving us a chance to catch up with him. But, Bob manages to hit their cart. Get up there and a twosome pulls up in front of us. They catch my Aflac ducks. He works for Aflac -- up here though. But, I mention knowing someone at headquarters. Who? Ken Janke. Great guy. From Michigan. His name is Ken Tidwell (or something like that). Will definitely be emailing Ken.

One of the best things about the Mountain Day is that we don’t have to drive much. The course is just down the road from the cabin. The drive to the top of the mountain takes longer than anything. The weather is perfect. Tom’s making fun of my goosebumps. I don’t care though. The weather channel was starting to talk about the “big chill.” Even Northern Michigan has been suffering from a heat wave. Pete has a good round at the Monument, despite us thinking that he’s going to have fits at the Mountain if he’s having fits at the other courses that we’re playing. Not the case. Lunch in the field (beer brat on a pretzel bun -- it’s a good thing).

Then, back up the mountain to play the Alpine course. Bob’s decided not to play in the game this time, which is disappointing because it’s more fun to have a game, than not. Tom comes up with us playing 9. I still don’t exactly know, but 9 points a hole is the total. Worse thing for me is that we didn’t have an extra scorecard, so Pete is keeping score and Tom has my scorecard. Never thought I’d feel so naked until there wasn’t a pencil or scorecard on my cart. Who would have thought. I am not playing well, except sometimes. This not being able to hit woods has made some of the holes really long. Need to get rid of my “wood yips.” I need to do this, STAT.

Beer is definitely involved in the afternoon round. But, we’re on vacation, so that’s allowed. I’m so happy that I stuck to my rule of “no blackberry” during the day. It was in the off position and I didn’t turn it on until we got back in the van back to the cabin. What a great thing. Since it was off and away, couldn’t even be tempted by the “little red light.”

Bob, not playing in the game, shoots his lowest round of the week -- an 86. Tom breaks 80. Pete has another good round, but not as good as his 77 on Monument. It is a lot of golf.

Back to shower and then to Boyne for dinner at Red Mesa (believe it or not, a “Mexican” restaurant that is really pretty good. And then ice cream at Kilwins (the cherry pie ice cream was pretty good. could even taste the pie crust).

Back to the cabin to go to bed and rest up for "Liz's Day." Bay Harbor.

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