Monday, August 09, 2010

Day 6: Lawsonia and The Farm House

We've been told that Lawsonia ( will be one of our best days of golf in Wisconsin. They have a links course that we're playing in the afternoon and a woodlands course in the morning. Supposedly the Links is the better of the two. And, after digging around researching for the trip, since Green Lakes boasts of the Heidel House, a hotel with a spa, seems to be like a Bay Harbor type of experience.

Pack up the car with all of our stuff since we're heading to the Farmhouse right after we play 36 holes. Bye-bye, Pete's Mom's Christmas Tree Farmhouse. A great place to stay during our trip. Off to a new location.

We thought we'd stop for breakfast along the way. But, like most of the trip, we're in the boonies and there isn't much on the way. Clubhouse it is! And, that was a good choice because it was one of the better breakfasts we've had on the trip (and yes, they accept American Express). Figured out what was wrong on the range (too far on my heels) and off we go to play the Woodlands. Gorgeous track. Mosquitos weren't really around either. Pretty enjoyable round since we had no one in front of us and no one behind us. Can definitely see why this is tops on people's list. This afternoon, we're playing the Links, which is supposed to be even better. Grab lunch and they get us out earlier than our 2 pm tee time. The wind has picked up -- perfect for Links (but not necessarily for scoring). Another gorgeous afternoon and course.
Before heading to the Appleton Farmhouse, we decide to see what's up with the Heidel House and Green Lake. Now this is what Michigan is like. Quaint little town, nice hotel on the Lake. We have a cocktail and then head to the Farmhouse. Call Kelly, who is going to meet us there. Her daughter is having her Softball Parade so she may be a little late.

When we pull into the Farmhouse, we know that this experience is going to be nice for our tired, golfed out bodies. It's cozy and comfortable. Each of us has a bedroom and bathroom -- there's wi fi so I can get on the internet and delete a gazillion emails. They give us goodies, including Utopia golf shirts, and steak for dinner. And it's so nice not to have to drive anywhere. We sit out on the patio (no mosquitos). Ahhhh, relaxation before our last day of golf.

Last Day of Golf: Green Bay Country Club and Oneida Country Club

After a great breakfast at the farmhouse (so nice not having to drive around to find breakfast), we head out to Green Bay Country Club ( for our morning round. Surprised us that it wasn't as "hoity toity" as we thought considering how difficult is supposed to be to get on. And surprised us even more that it wasn't the "traditional" old type of course that we envisioned it. It's awesome. And really not that old. And, did I say, awesome. Well worth the money (and they take American Express). The front nine was pretty slow with two groups of guys ahead of us who eventually sped up. They were from Amelia Island, from the looks of a couple of the guys who also had their Tour Bags like Pete.

Our intention was to grab lunch at Lambeau Field on our way to Oneida. But with only an hour between tee times, we head direct to Oneida and wave to LF on our way. Pulling into Oneida, Dave comments on us being at Bushwood Country Club. There's a pool, and a big club house. Looks a lot like it (but we know that Caddyshack was filmed in Florida). The clubhouse is all fancy, hoity toity. Nice ladies' locker room (with these little flowers you write your name on if you make a par). They do not take American Express. Grab lunch on the patio (and a beer).

And, as non-members, you can't purchase anything from the beverage cart. And the mosquitos were AWFUL. And the trees were huge (not 90% air). Do not go into the rough. Last round of golf. Not the best of our rounds. But a great course to want to take another try at some other time. But, the best part that affirmed that we were at Bushwood -- we met a muskrat (figured that's close enough to a gopher, don't you)? There were plenty of Caddyshack lines tossed around in that round. And, surprisingly for the last round of golf -- Pete didn't break any of his clubs, or throw any into a body of water.

Head back to the Farmhouse, where showers, drinks and dinner await. And sleep. Head to the airport in the morning. Golf is done for this trip. Time to pack up and head out in the morning.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Heading Home

It's morning and I'm sitting on the floor, Netbook on the floor, uploading photos from the trip onto Snapfish. And trying to get caught up on the Blogs about the trip. It's hard to recap the trip going backwards, since 12 rounds of golf is a lot of golf. And I'm not one of those who remembers what each hole on each course is like. I have a great memory, but these pretty much run together.

Deer at the Farmhouse. Tom saw 8. I saw 3. Pete saw the triplets yesterday. My golf bag is packed. My suitcase next to the car.

Working on the spreadsheets. Pretty much guessed it right on the expenses (what we do is collect money from everyone and then I pay for everything -- meals, snacks, club cleaning, golf balls, ice cream). Makes it easier than having to decide at each meal who owes what. And, it all pretty much evens out. Someone may have a bigger meal, but another may have one more icy cold beverage.

OK, spreadsheet completed. Dave and Tom are the overall winners, but only with a difference of $2 with Tom being the Grand Winner (no, you don't get another prize for that honor). I've fared better than I have in other years, but owe a bit of money to Dave. Pete, with the low handicap, is the big payer.

Breakfast at 7 am. On the road around 8 am. Head to the airport and back to Dallas. Getting in at 230 pm, the heat of the day. Not looking forward to it. But looking forward to getting home to Tony, Maggie, Kat. And no golf for a few days! And the jacuzzi to loosen my back. And maybe a massage. And a chiropractor. Hopefully with all of the mosquito bites that we don't contract Malaria, or West Nile, or some mosquito-related illness.

Stop at a Harley Davidson store on the way to the airport to get Milwaukee shirts (as opposed to the Museum shirts). Check in at the airport (no curbside check in and the poor man checking people in was about to have a fit -- he was really nice to me. Not so nice to Pete, with his overweight golf bag). We're lucky that we're all upgraded to First Class on our American Eagle flight (yes, they have added first class to some of the cabins). I'm still watching the first season of Lost and get through a couple more episodes. Matt and Max are picking me and Tom up at the airport.

So, we had a great time in Wisconsin and loved the courses and the hospitality (but not the mosquitos). Better than Michigan. No. But worth doing? Yes. According to Golf Magazine (September 2010), we just played 7 out of 15 of the best courses in Wisconsin (with Erin Hills being #35 of the Top Courses You Can Play). Not bad. Time to start thinking about next year.

Reminder to bring my Visa next time I come to Wisconsin. Because not many places accept American Express.