Monday, August 09, 2010

Day 6: Lawsonia and The Farm House

We've been told that Lawsonia ( will be one of our best days of golf in Wisconsin. They have a links course that we're playing in the afternoon and a woodlands course in the morning. Supposedly the Links is the better of the two. And, after digging around researching for the trip, since Green Lakes boasts of the Heidel House, a hotel with a spa, seems to be like a Bay Harbor type of experience.

Pack up the car with all of our stuff since we're heading to the Farmhouse right after we play 36 holes. Bye-bye, Pete's Mom's Christmas Tree Farmhouse. A great place to stay during our trip. Off to a new location.

We thought we'd stop for breakfast along the way. But, like most of the trip, we're in the boonies and there isn't much on the way. Clubhouse it is! And, that was a good choice because it was one of the better breakfasts we've had on the trip (and yes, they accept American Express). Figured out what was wrong on the range (too far on my heels) and off we go to play the Woodlands. Gorgeous track. Mosquitos weren't really around either. Pretty enjoyable round since we had no one in front of us and no one behind us. Can definitely see why this is tops on people's list. This afternoon, we're playing the Links, which is supposed to be even better. Grab lunch and they get us out earlier than our 2 pm tee time. The wind has picked up -- perfect for Links (but not necessarily for scoring). Another gorgeous afternoon and course.
Before heading to the Appleton Farmhouse, we decide to see what's up with the Heidel House and Green Lake. Now this is what Michigan is like. Quaint little town, nice hotel on the Lake. We have a cocktail and then head to the Farmhouse. Call Kelly, who is going to meet us there. Her daughter is having her Softball Parade so she may be a little late.

When we pull into the Farmhouse, we know that this experience is going to be nice for our tired, golfed out bodies. It's cozy and comfortable. Each of us has a bedroom and bathroom -- there's wi fi so I can get on the internet and delete a gazillion emails. They give us goodies, including Utopia golf shirts, and steak for dinner. And it's so nice not to have to drive anywhere. We sit out on the patio (no mosquitos). Ahhhh, relaxation before our last day of golf.

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