Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chicken Wing

Was just looking at this dark and blurry photo that Tony sent me from my unsuccessful attempt at shooting clay pigeons. I have a chicken wing golf swing. So, guess I have to have a chicken wing shooting -- don't know what you call a shooting swing. And, now that I remember it, I played soccer with two chicken wings on the field. Remember the elbows...

Social Media

OK, I'll admit that I've adopted social media as a "friend." Started off with this blog, that was really just going to be my "instead of a holiday letter to friends and family." Figured I could post things that may be interesting (golf) and maybe talk about my trips (mainly golf). And, it pretty much is a golf blog, with some other "stuff" thrown in once in awhile. I don't post a lot of entries, but then, who wants to hear about my daily work routine.

LinkedIn came next, but I didn't really even know I was on it until about a year ago. It's a great resource and way of finding resources, professionals, networking. You need an answer: go to LinkedIn and you can probably find someone.

And then I reluctantly signed up for Facebook. Figured that being in creative services, I really had to know what this thing was. Posted the same picture as my blog (I know, unoriginal, but it's a picture I like that Tom took when we were on one of our Michigan golf trips -- that's Lake Michigan, by the way, near Holland). Found a couple of friends. And then I got "hooked" -- remember it was the day I discovered an eighth grade classmate from Ponce, Puerto Rico. And then another. And then another. And then a sixth grade classmate from Luling, Louisiana. And high school classmates. College. Graduate school. So, I've found Facebook to be fun.

So, what was next. Enter: Twitter. This I really struggled to adopt. I didn't really want to Tweet. But, I really liked that it was a news feed. And I liked that being in creative services, I could have an excuse for following anything from marketing to investor relations to golf and food. Any media service. people. You name it and I felt I could follow. I was a little wary about all of the naked ladies that I had to block from following me. I'm now a bit obsessed with figuring out how to be able to follow more than 2000 people (you need 2000+ to follow you first) -- in an organic way, not using an app.

Last night, at the NIRI DFW Holiday Party, Bill asked me if I was the Liz Kline on Twitter who was in Avid Golfer. Huh? Had no clue what he was talking about. But, this morning, OCD me had to do some searching. And yes, it was. Never thought Twitter would make me “famous”:

So, I guess I'm in social media for the long haul. The next thing I sign up for? Who knows. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It's becoming a bit of a tradition now that this is two years in a row. Thanksgiving in San Antonio. Spend a couple of days at the Watermark Hotel ( and relax on the Riverwalk. Tony's been in San Antonio on a couple of jobs so it's been nice to spend time with him. He's been away for so long.

Last night, went to dinner on the Riverwalk. Do NOT go to Rio Rio. Bad service. Bad margaritas (Tony's tasted like tequila and robitussin - sp). Bad Mexican food. Drinks after at Swig (that's becoming a tradition as well). Hang out on the balcony overlooking the Riverwalk.

Today, spa day. Couldn't talk Tony into it this year. But I enjoyed! Tonight, dinner at Boudros (sp).

Tomorrow, off to Diamond K Ranch ( to look for critters, relax, and eat some amazing food. Thursday, more of the same. Weather is supposed to be chilly -- big difference from last year when it was around 80.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Always nice to spend time with family and friends. Sorry it couldn't be all of our families. And sorry that Maggie and Kat aren't with us. Happy 7th Birthday, Maggie! You'll get your present when I get back (and no, it won't be getting to sleep in the bed!).

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Presidents Cup. Gold Cup. What a weekend it will be.

As I watch the rain fall, all I can think is: 1) wouldn't it be nice to stay home and watch the President's Cup today 2) it'd better stop by 1120 am on Friday in time for Skins and the Skills Challenge 3) it'd better not rain this weekend for Gold Cup 4) cart path only on Saturday? yuk.

Yes, our annual tradition. The Gold Cup. Woodbridge vs. Plantation. We've won three years in a row. But, is Plantation hungry like The Rest of The World against the USA in the President's Cup this week? And, since we're wearing Greg Norman apparel, does that mean that we're representing The Rest of the World? Or, since Mark is playing in the Skins game on Friday with us, can we count him as our Michael Jordan, Assistant Captain?

Woodbridge's Gold Cup Team:
Ron Campbell
Tom Warren (aka Woodbridge 2009 Club Champion)
Kevin Tate
Garrett Persons (last Gold Cup before leaving us for Kansas City?)
Paul Burke
Pete Dickenscheid
Mark Patsy
Doug Kelly
Bill Johnson
Kelly Dills
Elvin Sharp
Doug Alford (aka Woodbridge 2009 Match Play Champion)
Liz Kline
Matt Maresch
Frank Catron
AK Fassett
John Smith
Joe Moses

Go Woodbridge!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Michigan - Unblogged

I know, I know. I've been so good over the years of blogging about our annual trip to Michigan to play golf. But, one thing about blogging: if you don't have internet on the trip, blogging doesn't take place. And another thing about blogging: just isn't the same to do it after the fact. And, since I couldn't blog, I didn't even bother taking pictures this year.

So, about the Michigan trip. It was great. The weather was perfect (high maybe of 80). The courses were great. Forgot how much I love Forest Dunes. Our Treetops experience this year was less than good (SLOW play and they really need to update their lodging facilities -- teal bathroom fixtures???). But, after writing a letter expressing our experience, they followed up with a phone call. And then sent eight free rounds of golf. Motivation to return: YES!

And now it's end of September and I wish I were in Michigan experiencing Fall weather. But, I can look forward to our annual Gold Cup in October instead.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Michigan 2009 Planned

The Michigan golf trip is planned (thanks, Tom (aka Julie)). Head out on August 1.

Saturday: Arrive in Traverse City. Play Kingsley Club.
Sunday: Bay Harbor. Quarry/Preserve; Links/Quarry.
Monday: Boyne Mountain Monument; Boyne Mountain Alpine.
Tuesday: True North.
Wednesday: Boyne Highlands Hills; Boyne Highlands Heather.
Thursday: Treetops Fazio; Treetops Smith Masterpiece.
Friday: Forest Dunes. Head back to Dallas.

The countdown commences.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NIRI National and Le Tub

NIRI National: hard to believe it was my 11th one. Same faces, new faces. Jason said it right when he mentioned that we are no longer the younger ones. We're now the older ones. Established, I'd say. Florida: Don't know how people can live there in the summer. So muggy. But, we managed to get four rounds of golf in around the raindrops. And two trips to Le Tub ( Anyone in Hollywood, Florida, needs to go for their burgers. But, put a bunch of IROs there, and we all tried to "change the menu." Note: they won't let you. American or Swiss cheese. Can I have Cheddar? No, American or Swiss. Can I have grilled mushrooms? No. How about onion rings instead of fries? We don't have onion rings. No. But, great burgers, Fun atmosphere. Great key lime pie. Just remember: cash only.

After national, Doug, Rachel and I roadtripped across Alligator Alley. Dropped Doug off in Naples at his dad's, Rachel off in Fort Myers at her grandma's, and then I spent a couple of relaxing days with Mom and Bill. Bit of shopping. Just hanging out. Perfect. Yes, a bit of recovery from the late nights socializing. And boasting about our award-winning D*FW Chapter.

Did we notice the recession at NIRI? I'd have to say, yes. Not as many people (but not a bad thing). Not as "blown out" as others (but not a bad thing). But, still solid. Good job, NIRI National.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NIRI National in Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it's getting close to my 11th NIRI National Conference. This time, in Hollywood, Florida. Not my favorite location -- hot, possibly rainy, definitely humid. It'll be interesting to see what the "mood" is like, given the economy. So many aren't able to make it, due to travel restrictions. Being in Investor Relations when your stock is down more than up, can keep you up at night. So, on Saturday, I get on a plane and head East. Looking forward to hearing if we win any Chapter Awards. The DFW Chapter is strong and Jason Landkamer and the 2008-2009 Board of Directors did an amazing job. Here's to a strong 2009-2010 Board, headed by Veronica Marks.

More on NIRI National when I arrive.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Been Awhile

It's been a while since I blogged. I've been a bit obsessed with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al. They can be exhausting. Besides, it's been either work or golf lately, and no good golf trips lately.

I am excited about playing in the Byron Nelson Classic Pro Am on Sunday, thanks to the generous invite from Williamson Printing. I just wish my handicap was as high as the first time I played in it!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Puerto Rico Bound

Never would have thought that I would reconnect with former classmates from Caribbean school on Facebook. And never would have thought that after connecting with one -- Jorge Santana -- and then get to help him rebrand his company. All because of Facebook. Well, it happened and here I am.

Left yesterday -- long flight (and I wasn't upgraded, but at least had a good seat towards the front). Was surprised that people didn't cheer when we took off and landed, like I remembered. Jorge picked me up and we went to dinner to catch up. It's been 24-25 years (since 1984!), but we picked up where we left off. People change, but not so much that you aren't the same in many ways as you were in eighth grade. Lots of laughs in remembering old teachers, students.

I will have to say that I have almost NO comprehension of Spanish anymore. Enough, but barely. That is really sad after taking 12+ years of the language.

Got up this morning and went for a walk on the windy walkway along the water. Had breakfast and then read by the pool. Hotel Normandie is right across the street from the famed Caribe Hilton. I don't remember Allison and I ever going there as children. But, we were kids.

Now, just catching up on work emails, getting ready to show brands to Nagnoi. And then, who knows for weekend.

Puerto Rico still smells the way I remember on the water -- salty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

OK, I've been negligent on the blog. Mainly because I keep forgetting to get my photos developed. And a blog without pictures isn't nearly as fun. But, I finally developed my pictures from Thanksgiving (we bought a cheap disposable since we forgot the digital camera).

Thanksgiving was a blast. We started out staying on the Riverwalk in San Antonio for two nights. Had fun (too many martinis one night), ate well, went to the spa (yes, even Tony had a facial and a massage). Then on Thursday morning, we headed to the Diamond K Ranch -- pretty close to Luchenbach (sp?) to stay at their guest lodge and look at wildlife and eat and drink well.

It was amazing. The guest lodge was full of antiques and built out of old cabins. Rustic, but ultra comfy. The outside patio had a great firepit and overlooked a field. We started out with lunch: Axis burgers. Yum! Then went for a ride to look for "critters." We saw all kinds of deerlike things (some exotic, some just your ordinary white tailed deer). Then off to see the hunting dogs. They had two litters of puppies. And, yes, we wanted to take one home, but we already have enough of a zoo -- and hunting dogs like to run, run, run.
And we went and shot guns! I had never done this before. At first, had no idea what to do. And then was given a golf analogy and started hitting the pidgeons. Could be a new hobby!
Then back to the lodge, where cocktails and Thanksgiving dinner awaited. We asked for "traditional Thanksgiving fare" but with some game. And they delivered: turkey, quail, axis, stuffing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, cranberry relish, good wine -- and creme brulee for dessert.
Spent the night outside watching the fire, smoking cigars, enjoying cognac. A great Thanksgiving. Relaxing. Quiet. Nice.

Woke up the next morning and unfortunately it was so foggy that we couldn't see the wildlife that supposedly comes out in the field in the morning to cross. Think I saw an elk and a white tailed deer. Had a big breakfast and then went for another ride to see the wildlife. We saw Pierre David (sp?) -- an extinct Chinese deer thing that looks like a cross between a horse and a deer. The ranch has the largest population. Saw red sheep that I didn't think looked like sheep. Some other deer things. Pretty cool.

Then packed up and drove back to Dallas the scenic (read: non I35, non post Thanksgiving route). Stopped for a late lunch at a German restaurant in a little town.

A great time.