Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It's becoming a bit of a tradition now that this is two years in a row. Thanksgiving in San Antonio. Spend a couple of days at the Watermark Hotel (www.watermarkhotel.com) and relax on the Riverwalk. Tony's been in San Antonio on a couple of jobs so it's been nice to spend time with him. He's been away for so long.

Last night, went to dinner on the Riverwalk. Do NOT go to Rio Rio. Bad service. Bad margaritas (Tony's tasted like tequila and robitussin - sp). Bad Mexican food. Drinks after at Swig (that's becoming a tradition as well). Hang out on the balcony overlooking the Riverwalk.

Today, spa day. Couldn't talk Tony into it this year. But I enjoyed! Tonight, dinner at Boudros (sp).

Tomorrow, off to Diamond K Ranch (www.diamondkranch.com) to look for critters, relax, and eat some amazing food. Thursday, more of the same. Weather is supposed to be chilly -- big difference from last year when it was around 80.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Always nice to spend time with family and friends. Sorry it couldn't be all of our families. And sorry that Maggie and Kat aren't with us. Happy 7th Birthday, Maggie! You'll get your present when I get back (and no, it won't be getting to sleep in the bed!).

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