Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tomato tomato tomato

This spring, we planted four tomato plants and four pepper plants. Last years were pretty good. Put a little fence around them so Maggie and Kat wouldn't get in them. Worked for Maggie, but we forgot that Kat is small -- she could just slip through it. But, she's not rough with the plants.

It's been a huge rain season this year, with rain almost every day. We needed it, but it started getting tiring. The tomatoes love it though and took over that portion of the garden. As soon as we had a few green ones, we noticed that Kat would come out, chomping on something. She seems to like tomatoes (as well as rolling them around and chasing them). We're worried that she'll eat them all.

No problems with that. We have had a bumper crop of yummy tomatoes. We've made sauce, we've eaten them in salad, BLTs galore, and you can't not have a big plate of them with cottage cheese (yum). Don't know when they'll stop, but it's been a great tomato season.

Admirals Club

After leaving Craig, Rhonda, and Rachel at their gate, I head to sit out my wait in the Admirals Club. Laura had a free pass that I decided to bring -- just in case. First thing they do is get me out of the awful center seat I've been assigned. Life is already good. Next thing I do is sit at the bar and order a beer. I could get used to this.

End up sitting next to a guy from Austin who is heading to St. Andrews. He's flying through Raleigh so he can fly first class the entire way. A two hour layover to fly first class is well worth it. We talk golf. Another guy is from San Antonio, on my flight.

An hour or so later, they ask the guy from San Antonio if he wants to fly direct to Austin. Doesn't look good for Dallas. He does that. As I'm seeing all of this unfold, I am filling out the membership application for the Admirals Club. I think that this may be a smart move. It was. 30 minutes later, they come and give me the bad news -- flight cancelled. But, they hand me my ticket to fly out at 6 am the next day, make me a hotel reservation, give me dinner and breakfast vouchers. The membership was paid for by the time I left -- in the time it would have taken me to stand in line with everyone else to get on another flight. And the free room and food. Not bad.

Get in at 8 am the next day -- Fourth of July. Pretty much do nothing that day but unpack and get caught up. Another great golf adventure. And, the first time I have ever had a flight cancelled in the 37 years I've travelled.

Pinehurst - Continued

Monday morning, wake up, have breakfast, get a bit of work done (I still have a gripe with having to pay for High Speed Internet Service at an upscale place. Should be included). At 1250, we're set to tee off to play Pinehurst #2. Very excited and Pete has told me about all of the holes, even though I didn't completely tune him in.

I've been told to play from as far forward as possible. The greens are scary domed. But, I decide to play from the Greens, not the Reds. I want the full experience, not some girlie one. Our caddy is nice, but a bit on the "slow" side. Never quite where he's supposed to be if he doesn't want to get hit by a ball. Craig is a five time a year golfer, but he's not slow and he enjoys playing, even if not well. He's positive that he's going to lose a lot of balls -- despite Pete saying that it'll be really hard to lose balls. Craig did manage to lose some.

Pinehurst #2 is great. And not nearly as scary as I've been warned. On the fourth hole, Pete's Dad Chris Dickens tracks us down -- Pete described him as a big guy with a thick German accent. He was right! He had just finished his round and wanted to make the arrangements for Tuesday morning at Pinehurst #6. And then drove around with us for a couple of holes. On #5, he told us to hit it to the right. Of course, I hit it to the left and made bogey. I didn't say I was that skilled! Craig and I had a great round. The father and son we played with were fun, but not exciting. Pretty decent players.

This is all for a meeting, so at 700 pm, we all met down at the Ryder Cup bar and had cocktails and reviewed website designs. Life is hard, but you have to work somewhere! Dinner in the Carolina Room, with a heavy set waitress who has a wheeze like you couldn't believe when she laughs. Think part act, part her. We have a great dinner and then sit on the porch on the rocking chairs for more cocktails.

Morning comes and Craig and I head out to play #6 with Chris. We're paired with a former FBI member, who lives on the seventh hole. Have a great time. This is a Fazio course. Again, play from the Green tees, not the girlie ones. And have a really good round. Craig thinks it's funny that I outdrive all of them, all of the time.

Finish our round and sit by the pool and have lunch and margaritas. At 2, we need to head to the airport. It's a pretty easy drive back to Raleigh. I check in with Brian to see about my flight -- we've been having so much bad weather in Dallas, that I'm already predicting a delay. Yes, at least two hours. Oh well, I have an Admirals Club pass that Laura gave me.

Monday, July 02, 2007


This year seems to be the year of checking off some of the top golf courses to play before I die. Pebble Beach was in May. Right now, I'm sitting in my room at the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst. We'll be teeing off at 1250 pm on Pinehurst #2 this afternoon. Pete's already regaled me in the horrors of the greens, so I hope I can putt.

Craig and I got in around 1100 am yesterday and made the drive from Raleigh to Pinehurst. Wish we could have made the time to go to the final round of the Women's US Open to watch Christie Kerr win her first major at Pineneedles (about 10 minutes away from Pinehurst). But, we had the spa awaiting. A Champions massage awaited. I'm not sure about the foot massage, but the hot rocks on my back sure did feel good. A cocktail before dinner and then a nice meal at the 1895 Grille, followed by cocktails on the rockers on the porch. A nice relaxing evening.

Pinehurst is nice, but not quite Pebble Beach accommodations. But, I'm not complaining because this is another dream. I just wish Tony was here to experience it with me.