Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Admirals Club

After leaving Craig, Rhonda, and Rachel at their gate, I head to sit out my wait in the Admirals Club. Laura had a free pass that I decided to bring -- just in case. First thing they do is get me out of the awful center seat I've been assigned. Life is already good. Next thing I do is sit at the bar and order a beer. I could get used to this.

End up sitting next to a guy from Austin who is heading to St. Andrews. He's flying through Raleigh so he can fly first class the entire way. A two hour layover to fly first class is well worth it. We talk golf. Another guy is from San Antonio, on my flight.

An hour or so later, they ask the guy from San Antonio if he wants to fly direct to Austin. Doesn't look good for Dallas. He does that. As I'm seeing all of this unfold, I am filling out the membership application for the Admirals Club. I think that this may be a smart move. It was. 30 minutes later, they come and give me the bad news -- flight cancelled. But, they hand me my ticket to fly out at 6 am the next day, make me a hotel reservation, give me dinner and breakfast vouchers. The membership was paid for by the time I left -- in the time it would have taken me to stand in line with everyone else to get on another flight. And the free room and food. Not bad.

Get in at 8 am the next day -- Fourth of July. Pretty much do nothing that day but unpack and get caught up. Another great golf adventure. And, the first time I have ever had a flight cancelled in the 37 years I've travelled.

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