Thursday, April 29, 2010


Was just reading an article in the Wall Street Journal today about lucky charms. Brief mention included "lucky golf balls." Led me to realize that Tom really made fun of me last week for deciding which cart to ride in. "No, not 52." I said. "42 is OK for me since I'm playing from the whites." As he asked me if I was kidding, Ron walked by and said, "Oh, not 42." So, we're not the only ones who decide on cart numbers to determine our game that morning.

And I know we're not the only ones. I've been known to throw out tees that have been errant. Ditto with golf balls. No, can't wear that cap in the tournament -- didn't score well. Have to keep that cap because I made a hole in one.

Call me superstitious. Or just say I'm giving myself and excuse ... in case I chose the wrong cart.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woodbridge 2010 Match Play

It's officially started: Woodbridge 2010 Match Play. I haven't particularly performed well in this over the years, but it's fun. This year, I think the committee has figured out the seeding and tee boxes (all men from the blues, me from the whites -- while I sure do wish my handicap was higher...). I'm in Flight B and my first match is with John "Hit It REALLY Far" Smith. I think he gives me two pops.

Prediction: If John is long and in the fairway and his short game performs: I will be CLOBBERED. If John is long and all over the course and I then play safe and strategic: I may stand a chance.

Other pairings:
Flight A
#1 Lance Luttrull (0) vs. #8 Pete Dickenscheid (4.3)
#2 Bob Bergeron (0) vs. #7 Steve Anderson (3.3)
#3 Ivan Sparkman (0) vs. #6 Grant McAfee (3.3)
#4 Will Rheaume (2.7) vs. #5 Paul Burke (3.1)

Flight B
#1 Tom "Go For It" Warren (5.4) vs. #8 Elvin "The Assassin" Sharp (8.2)
#2 John "Hit it REALLY Far" Smith (6) vs. #7 Liz Kline (8.2)
#3 Paul Gray (6.2) vs. #6 Matt Pierson (6.9)
#4 Doug "Hammer" Kelly vs. #5 Kevin Tate (6.8)

Flight C
#1 Mark Patsy (9) vs. "#8 Bill Johnson (12)
#2 Ronnie Cross (9) vs. #7 Kelly Dills (11.5)
#3 Bill Blackburn (9.2) vs. #6 Jeff Levin (11.5)
#4 Ron "Matchplay Champion 20xx" (9.7) vs. #5 Jack Glenn (10.2)

Flight D
#1 Doug Alford (12.8) vs. #8 Jeff Kelly (21.4)
#2 Brian Hackney (13.9) vs. #7 Doug Allen (20.6)
#3 AK "The Curmudgeon" Fassett (14.6) vs. #6 Dion Casto (20)
#4 Todd Deville (16.5) vs. #5 David Dryden (17)

Results as they come in. Feel free to send in your bracket predictions.