Monday, July 30, 2012

Michigan 2012

One of the interesting dynamics of a golf trip, especially a week long golf trip with two rounds of golf a day, is the foursome dynamic. We pretty much are spending 24/7 with everyone. We all have our quirks. As mentioned in earlier posts, we all have been DISC profiled. Yep, I'm a D. Tom's an I. But this year, with Pete and Bob, we have two Cs (they probably still don't believe they are Cs because we haven't provided enough evidence for them).

Right now, guaranteed that Bob and Pete haven't really read the itinerary or looked at the spreadsheet Tom calculated with our GHIN handicaps from course to course, teebox to teebox. I, of course, have everything printed out. Have pretty much packed for the trip with the exception of putting the clubs in the travel bag, and folding up the clothes that are drying.

Regardless of anything, guaranteed to have a great trip. How couldn't you with: Oberon, Bob In, Bettermade Butter Braided Pretzels, two rounds of golf a day, 70 - 80 degree weather, lack of technology (cell and internet reception is often pretty bad -- yea!). It's the one time of year I try to really "shut down" work and relax.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michigan 2012

Figured I have been a little rusty and need to post a post, now that Michigan annual golf trip is quickly approaching. We have finally locked and loaded the itinerary. We have to be a "well oiled machine" in order to get this going. And, with the journey this year being me, Tom, Bob and Pete (newbie in Michigan, but his second golf outing like this), Tom and I make sure there aren't any loose ends. Airfare from DFW to Michigan was steep, so this year we're flying into O'Hare and playing our way up to Boyne. It's adding a couple of different courses to the trip.

Here it goes:

Saturday, August 4
DFW to ORD, arriving 9:10 am
2:00 pm Harbor Shores ( ) -- They just hosted a Senior event there this year so we're psyched to play this course
Drive to Cadillac

Sunday, August 5
7:20 am El Dorado ( ) -- Another course Tom and I haven't played in Michigan
2:40 pm Crooked Tree/Boyne Course
Custard at Bob In Again
Check in at Boyne Mountain (we're staying in a cottage this year) ( )

Monday, August 6
8:00 am Boyne Mountain Monument
Eat lunch in the meadow
2:03 pm Boyne Mountain Alpine

Tuesday, August 7 (Liz's day)
8:00 am Bay Harbor (Links/Quarry)
Eat lunch on the deck!
2:00 pm Bay Harbor (Preserve/Links)

Wednesday, August 8
8:00 am Boyne Highlands Heather
Eat lunch at the club
1:50 pm Boyne Highlands Arthur Hills
Custard at Bob In Again

Thursday, August 9
7:40 am Boyne Highlands Donald Ross
Custard at Bob In Again
2:30 pm Hidden River (

Friday, August 10
Drive to Saugatuck and play the Ravines ( ) -- another course Tom and I haven't played

Saturday, August 11
8:00 am Hawks Head in South Haven ( ) -- another course Tom and I haven't played

Head to Chicago. Stop at Portillo's for a Combo (
ORD to DFW. Tired campers.

I looked at the weather map this morning and Northern Michigan was yellow -- meaning: 70s.