Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Decorations

I have to admit, I'm pretty bah humbuggy about Christmas. But, not about the holiday season. And, I love the decorations, especially the Christmas tree. This year, we have both of them up -- the one that Tony thinks is lame, and the one that may not be that bad (I'll let you determine which one is which). I've promised that the lame one will be thrown out after Christmas. When we put the trees up, I get to do the decorating -- and out come all of our old ornaments. I think about the stories when I put them up. The one I made. The one Jane Satterlee made. The one that Mom made. The treeskirt Al made me for Christmas one year. Great histories make it fun.

Tony had light duties for outside the house. I think Dalton did the majority of the work. Our block is starting to look really festive. Makes it fun to drive home from work and see the pretty twinkling lights.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Cookies We Left For Santa

It's tough each year to come up with a new holiday card for the company. Mine is pretty easy -- find a picture with Kat and Maggie (that's actually pretty tough) and one of me and Tony (again, kinda tough). For our company card, Arthur doesn't mind if it's Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah. Just something fun. I only care that it mails at regular postage rate.

This year, we emailed everyone a link to submit a cookie recipe. We developed a database and collected them for a month. The card this year features some of our favorites. But now, you can go and add more recipes that will populate the database.

Check it out:

Please note those of you who know Arthur and Eisenberg And Associates. We want to do everything right -- and sometimes don't think of the perfect idea until it's almost, but not quite, too late. This year, a week before we were supposed to release to the printer, Arthur decided he wanted photographs of some of the cookies. Difficult? Well, let's say that Laura had to spend two days in the kitchen, making recipes that she had never tried. And then we had to get a photographer to shoot them -- thanks Andy and Suzanne! And, a place to shoot -- thanks Sur La Table!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Teaching Valuable Lessons Through Graphic Design

This story is courtesy of Laura Holt. Actually, her brother Edwin, who is the lucky one to be blessed with a slew of children. Mom, Dad, aren't you glad that you didn't have any problems like this with me and Allison, the sweet angels?

Here's the story:
So my nephew William is now 13...nearly 14, and it seems that he has discovered the wonders of internet porn.

Edwin and Jennifer have two computers in their home - one in the family room, and one in the children's playroom. Both computers are located where everyone has access to them at all times, and are in full view of everyone. The other night, Jennifer went to the playroom and was faced with a locked door. It took William a good five minutes to get to the door to let Jennifer in. Since Edwin was in Dallas, she called him and said "Uhm...William was in the playroom with the door locked. What should I do?" Edwin said, "Wait ‘til he goes to bed, then check the history and give me a call."

About 10:30, Jennifer calls and says "William has been on every porn site known to man. What do you want me to do about this?" Edwin told her to take the aircard out, keep quiet, and that he would see her tomorrow and they would figure something out."

For those of you that don’t know my brother, he doesn't just punish you for doing wrong - he likes to get back at you in a "Cruel Intentions" kind of way.

Edwin arrived home the next day about 2 pm and waited for William to get home from school. William breezed in the door about 3:30 and went straight to the playroom. About five minutes later, he was in the family room and said "Dad, there's something wrong with the internet. I can't get it to work." Edwin said "Well, I just checked my e-mail and it seemed to be working fine. Why don't you get on the internet in here in the family room?" William just kind of looked around and said that he was going to go try and fix the internet in the playroom and see if he could get it working.

FOUR HOURS LATER, William comes out of the playroom and says that he wasn't able to get the internet to work. Edwin just says he's sorry and he doesn't know what to do.
The next day, Edwin calls one of his designers and has him pull the logo for their internet provider and lays out a letter which states that due to a high volume of pornographic viewing, their internet service will be cut off. It is signed "Head of Pornagraphic Investigations", saved as a PDF, and sent to Edwin, where it is printed out, folded up and added to the mail.

The next morning, after a bit of coaching, Jennifer goes out to get the mail and brings in the "letter" from their internet service provider. Since it is Saturday, William is at the table, having his cereal, getting ready to mow the lawn. Jennifer says "Edwin, we just got a letter from our internet service provider saying that they are going to cancel our service because someone has been looking at pornography!" Edwin grabs the letter from her, reads it out loud, and says "Well, our line must have crossed with the neighbors, because no one in THIS house has been looking at pornograophy on the internet! I guess I am going to have to go talk to all of our neighbors and see who has done such a thing.”

William continues to eat his cereal, while breaking into a cold sweat. Edwin drops the letter on the table and leaves the room. About 10 minutes later, Edwin comes back in the breakfast room and Jennifer says "William, would you like to tell your father what you just told me?" And William says "While listening to iTunes, I may have accidentally looked at one or two inappropriate websites."

Edwin took him into the playroom, pulled up the history on the computer and said "One or two sites is an accident, my son. This is not an accident."

Needless to say, the computer in the playroom is now gone. And William has learned about computers and their histories.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Allison's 20 Year High School Reunion

Al shared with me the pictures from her 20 Year High School Reunion -- Brookfield High School, in Brookfield, Connecticut. She wasn't able to make it, but did get the photos. Her message when she sent it was "No, i didn't go. here are the pics dave asch sent. do you recognize half the people? We don't all look that old, do we?" So, when I clicked, I figured that I would recognize everyone.

Nope. Thank god for name tags or I would have had a lot of problems recognizing people that I spent a lot of time -- friends, boyfriends, teammates, etc. Makes me want to pull pictures of me from high school to see how much I've aged.
All I can say is "wow." I haven't seen many people from high school since college. Haven't seen many people from college either. Makes me want to pull my old yearbooks and check things out.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kat and Maggie's Adventure

Kat and Maggie don't get out in the neighborhood much. Tony and I try to get walks in, but Maggie only makes it about 3 blocks before getting tired (and we don't want to have to carry that one home). They have a nice big backyard for Maggie to sunbathe and Kat to chase squirrels.

It's pecan season and the other day Tony let a woman and her child come into the backyard and pick pecans. Nice thought. The little girl played with Kat. When Maggie came outside, they made a quick exit.

On Friday, I'm leaving the office to head home and have two voicemail messages. One from Diane Sherman, the real estate woman who lives a few doors down. "Maggie is on my porch. Call me." The second from Frank, next door. "Maggie is on Diane's porch. I'm not at home. Call Diane." Seems like a gate was left ajar.

My next thought as I'm trying to call Diane. If Maggie is on Diane's porch, where is Kat? I also know that Kat isn't wearing her collar because I just gave her a bath. As I race home, I can only think about someone picking up Kat and taking her home. Or her being run over by a car, since she's out on her own. Or, hopefully, only Maggie is out of the backyard and Kat is in the house.

So, I get home and Maggie is in the backyard. Kat, not in or outside the house. Panic. Tony's racing home too, but stuck in traffic. I call Diane and head out the front door, not sure at all where to begin looking for Kat.

Perfect timing. A woman who walks her dog every morning and evening, walked by and asked if I was looking for a little white dog. Yes! She found Kat wandering around Edgefield and took her home, worried about her being out and getting run over on Jefferson. Kat was very happy to have a friend and spent the day in her backyard. She (Heidi) also made flyers at work and was beginning to post them. We walked over to her house, a couple of blocks away, and retrieved Kat. Kat was very happy to see us, all shakey and jumpy from her adventure -- and spending the day out in a strange backyard. Carried her home.

Kat and Maggie both slept well after their Friday adventures. And, Kat has her collar back on!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lily or Clara

I know there are pictures of me and Allison that look just like this one of Lily and Clara (I don't know which is in the foreground and which is in the background) riding in a golf cart. Aren't my nieces adorable?

2007 Gold Cup: Sunday Rounds

Sunday, we don't tee off until 1230 pm, so I head to Woodbridge and practice putting and chipping (Tom indicated that Scott, the guy I'm paired up with, doesn't have a strong short game even though he hits it a mile). Have to work on not decelerating on these shots.

Get to Plantation to warm up. Mark Patsy, Gary, Scott and I are the first off. Good deal since we won't be waiting. This day's shirt I cut up isn't as short as Saturdays. I didn't go with Tom's advice to go braless for "competitive advantage." (note to Laura: I did put on mascara and tinted moisturizer)

First hole, I'm on the left. Scott duffs it off the tee. But, he hits it a long way on his second shot and is right off the green in 2. I lay up and then hit my third long. But my fourth is close. Scott overshoots the hole and has a lengthy putt for par. Misses. I make my 5-foot putt. AS. Second hole, I give him a pop (I have to give him THREE this round -- tried to talk him out of it, me being a girl and all. Didn't work). Scott hits it a mile. I hit it well, but 100 yards shorter. Hit my second close to the green. He hits his left, just off the green. My third shot goes four feet from the green. He makes five, I make par. AS. Third hole, I land in their rock hard bunkers and lose the hole. Fourth, par five -- Scott gets a pop. I get a fence and lose the hole. I think I win the next. Lose the next. Win the next. Tie the next. Something like that. Not playing poorly, but hard to keep up with someone on the green in two, while I'm laying up on my second. But, we're having fun -- and playing fast (don't have any idea what's going on behind us). There is no one in front of us. Needless to say, I'm trying, but not catching up. Lose 5 with 3 to play. Mark is dormie with two to play and needs to make birdie to go to the next hole. He doesn't. Scott is probably terribly happy that he beat me -- that'd be a hard thing to handle for an entire year at Plantation -- the one who was beat by a girl. Never would live that one down!

This is when the fun starts -- we get to watch the rest of the matches and drive around and drink beer. AK has lost his match. Ron was all square, Frank up one. Keith was up. Garrett was up. Doug Kelley ended up drawing Ron, their club champion, but was only one down. Pete's up. Bob is up. Rob won his match. Not bad. Most of the matches were pretty close. And now there is a crowd around the holes. Tom gives up a point to Alan when he hits his hybrid 220 yards into the water (not on purpose). He gives up a pop on the next hole to go down one. Ties the next.

18th is pretty packed with carts and players. We think we've secured a win. By one point. We did. So much for the stat that whoever wins the Skills Challenge loses the Gold Cup. Even though I lost two matches, this has to be one of the best times. The guys at Plantation are great. Our guys are great. Wonderful rivalry. Woodbridge doesn't have the membership that Plantation has -- they actually have to gain points in their tournaments to be able to play in this. Our group is so small that we automatically get in because we do. And we won.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Gold Cup: Saturday Afternoon Round

Saturday afternoon is alternate shot. I've never played this format. Pete and I are teamed up. I'll take the even holes, he'll take the odd. We're teamed up with Paul Miller and Dennis Lewis. And, we're giving them three strokes (that's never happened to me to give pops).

Start off strong on the first and win it. #2 isn't pretty and we lose. #3 isn't pretty and we tie. #4 isn't bad -- but Dennis sticks it close. And we lose. Yes, seeing a trend. Play is also extremely slow. #5. We lose. #6, 7, 8, 9 -- no blood, but we're still 3 behind. #10, we shift the momentum and win a hole. #11, Paul sticks it close, but we tie. #12, we lose. #13, no blood. #14, we tie. #15, we lose. We're three behind with three to play. Dennis sticks it close. I stick it in the bunker. Pete hits the lip and I have to hole for par. We lose the match. Pete and I didn't play poorly, we just never turned it on. And those three really bad holes at the beginning didn't help matters.

Eric has told us that Ron and Tom were behind by four, but Tom has just issued the order to make Ron drink. Keith and Mark played Ron (yes, the club champion) and were dormie on the 12th. Bob and Garrett are ahead. Doug and Kelley are close. Rob and Bill are winning. Frank and Tom are close. The drinking supposedly helped Ron and Tom -- they win eight holes in a row to win their match.

Results for Afternoon Round
Tom/Ron 1
Garrett/Bob 1
Rob/Bill 1
Keith/Mark Lose
Doug/Kelly Lose
Liz/Pete Lose

Pairings for matchplay on Sunday announced. I'm first off at 1230.

2007 Gold Cup: Saturday Morning Round

Some of you may read this twice. Once with pictures. Once without. I don't have any photos now, but it's 600 am on Sunday and since we don't play until 1230 at Plantation, I might as well write about the Saturday rounds. I didn't get the opportunity to see many of the other rounds, so those of you who read this blog and played, feel free to comment on your round. Or send me and email and I'll post -- in fact, should think about setting up a Woodbridge blog...

Note to all: I'm terrible at names, especially on a golf course when I don't have anything to write on, so if I get some wrong. Sorry. You can let me know and I'll correct. I have complete control over the blog!

Wake up to my normal routine (wake up, change, get Big Gulp at 7-11, do crossword puzzle at Woodbrige, warm up) with one exception: pick up golf balls for Ron at Walmart. Note to people going to get golf balls at Walmart at 530 am: you have to go in the entrance at the food court. Golf balls are at the farthest possible corner of a Walmart. It's a hike. And I hate Walmart.

I'm happy that Tom and I are off first. We'll set the pace and not have to worry about waiting on anyone. Find out that we're playing with Ron Club Champion from Plantation (he's a 1) and Steve, who is a 4. So, we're pretty loaded with additional shots -- at least I am! I start off with a ball in the woods. Great. But Tommy tied the hole. We win the second since I get a pop. Third hole. I believe we lost. Fourth hole. I hit it in the woods (yep). I believe we lost. Sixth hole. I don't think any blood. But, Ron doesn't make any mistakes. He birdies 7 and 8 -- with really makeable eagle opportunities. I'm thinking that Tom and I were behind most of the round. But, not getting trounced. Hear that our other teams are doing well at the turn. 10 was a nice hole. I made par, net birdie to win the hole. But, Steve then drains a birdie putt on 11 to bring it back to 2 under. 12 I believe was no blood. 13: this was key. Tom goes for the green in two and doesn't make it, but his ball is up. Steve and I lay up and have great second shots, but then dunk our third into the bunker. Ron has 175 yards and sticks it 15 feet from the pin. But, Tommy is the man and drains his birdie putt. Ron misses his eagle. We tie the hole. We then lose 14. 15 and Tommy is again key and is on the green in two and makes birdie to win the hole. 16th hole is a par 3. One that doesn't give me issues. I don't think Ron or Steve were in good shape. Tom was in the water. I was about 15 feet long on the green. We win 16. Tom wins 17 with a birdie. We are now 1 up with one to play. 18: I hit in the fairway. Tom hits into the gunk on the left. But, we find it and he has a shot. Hit our third shots. Steve and Ron are both over the creek in two (Steve gets a pop). Steve's third shot wasn't great -- window is open. Tom and my fourth aren't great. Steve's fourth wasn't great either. Tom and I only need to tie him in order to win the match. Tom lets me go first so I don't have the pressure on me to have to make the putt (good idea since I'm not known for putting).

It's downhill, down grain, right to left. I'd say about 8 feet. It starts, it stops, it moves some more, it turns, slows down, goes in the hole. We won the match.

Head into the clubhouse. Already know that AK and Mark won their match. Doug and Kelley were losing. Ron and Frank had a big lead but had lost it. Garrett and Keith were all square. Pete and Bob were winning. Tom and Bill were winning. Tom and I grab our lunches and beer and head out to watch the rest of the matches. That's the fun part of about this tournament. You get to watch others finish their matches.

End of morning rounds: Woodbridge 4 1/2 points. Plantation 2 1/2.
Liz/Tom 1
Bob/Pete 1
Bill/Tom 1
AK/Mark 1
Keith/Garrett 1/2
Ron/Frank Lose
Doug/Kelly Lose

Time for alternate shots.

2007 Gold Cup: Woodbridge vs. Plantation

Much to the satisfaction of players in the Sharky's tournament, our annual Gold Cup was the same weekend. Woodbridge vs. Plantation. The cup is ours. Friday, Garrett, Keith and I played a practice round at Plantation. 530 pm at Woodbridge, the Skills Competition (putting, chipping, sand, long drive) and pairings are announced.

Get to Woodbridge way early since our round at Plantation finished early and there wasn't any sense in heading home and then dealing with traffic. Frank and Eric were working on the players in the skills competition (none of these are really my forte -- I get chipping). And I get my shirts. They didn't get me women's shirts again (note to men: there is a huge difference in cut in womens vs. mens shirts. Shoulders. Arms. Length.). So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and borrowed scissors from Scotty and then cut the sleeves off and then about six inches off of the bottom. A new shirt -- looks kinda raggedy, but I'll call it "modern." Next year.

Skills competition: Putting
The putt is this ridiculous downhill breaking putt that needs to:
1. Go in the hole for two points, or
2. Remain in the octogon (not a very big one) for one point.
Needless to say, not many made it in. But Garrett stole the show on that one.

Skills competition: Chipping
Doesn't look that difficult except the circle the ball has to remain in for one point, wasn't very big. Again, needless to say, we weren't too skillful at this competition. I even tried putting.

Skills competition: Bunker
Yep, another circle. A small one. Frankie hit one in the circle. I think someone from Plantation did as well.

Skills competition: Long Drive
Believe it or not, there is some accuracy in this. You have to hit it between to flags. The longer it is the more points you receive. I think three points was for being accurate and blowing it all the way through the driving range. Bill and Doug had 5 points each, Doug 3 points.

It's always been the discussion that whoever wins the Skills Competition will lose the Gold Cup. Hard to say it's statistically significant since this is only our third competition. So, Woodbridge wins the Skills Competition in 2007. Now we need to proove this superstition incorrect.

After the Skills Competition, we go in for beers and pairings and times for the morning's Best Ball. Here you go (will fill in the other team after I get the actual pairings):
Liz Kline/Tom Warren
Garrett Persons/Keith Hughes
Mark Patsy/AK Fassett
Doug Kelley/Kelly Dills
Bill Johnson/Tom Abercrombie
Frank Catron/Ron Campbell
Pete Dickensheid/Bob Bergeron

Tom and I are off first. Fine for me. I hate waiting.

We also establish the rules and there is healthy debate over golf balls. In Best Ball, we're all fine with using the same ball brand (i.e. Titelist ProV1x, Titelist DT Solo) throughout the round. In Alternate Shot (after we established that alternate shot is based on one player teeing off on the even holes and one player teeing off on the odd holes -- and then alternating from the tee until the ball is holed), the discussion was whether one ball brand the entire round, or if the even player could choose one brand and the odd player could choose another brand -- and then play that through the round. Two brands wins over. I cared, but didn't as much as the discussion. As long as my teammate fronted the balls, I'd play his.

Friday's over and Saturday's not far off.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday in Riverton, WY

Woke up and it's a rainy day in Riverton, WY. But, it's a nice quiet rain and a refreshing change from the flooding rains that we have. Spent the day at US Energy Corp., getting to know the company. Great group. After lunch, Hal and I went for a drive to Lander and to the Eagle Bronze Foundry. This is the foundry that produced the cattle in Dallas (each sculpture was created by Robert Summers and is believed to be the largest continous sculpture of its kind in the world), the mustangs in Las Colinas, the conquistador in El Paso. Large scale projects. The tour was impressive. I couldn't help thinking that some of the bronzes at Perot Systems were created. For me personally, the Payne Stewart statue at Pinehurst was impressive. The level of detail and the process is amazing.
Eagle Bronze Foundry:
Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains beside the windswept plains of Wyoming Eagle Bronze Art Foundry produces world-class art and sculpture for some of the most famous artists and collectors. The foundry was started in 1986 by Beverly and Monte Paddleford. Beginning as a family business, it has kept the strength of its founder’s ties alive in a new generation as daughters and sons-in-law have grown up and come into the business. The foundry is renowned for quality and ships fine art casting to clients throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. The sculpture mix ranges from small jewelry-sized pieces through monumental castings in both bronze and stainless steel alloys.
Dinner with Hal and his girlfriend was in Hudson, Wyoming, at Svilars Steak House, on Main Street, owned by Mike Svilar (who helped start USEG and is also Secretary and General Counsel for the company). Mike joined us for dinner. Another enjoyable evening. Don't want to go back to Dallas the company has been so great. Only wish it didn't rain all day so I could see the sun and the mountains. Maybe next time.
Back to Dallas tomorrow. Hopefully the flights will be uneventful.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Travel Day on Sunday to Wyoming

Yesterday, we went out on the bike -- my first time on it in months. It was a good day. Went to Tony's jobsite, then went to Sharky's after deciding not to go to Octoberfest -- which I didn't want to do anyway. Then, called Mike Clark, and Steve Smith and Damon and other bikers. Mike was on his way to Susan's and would meet up with us. Where to ride? It was quiet and pretty boring at Sharkys. Mike showed up and we went to Pub Monkeys near Woodbridge. And then rode to Lake Lavant (spelling? -- need to look it up). Called Pete and asked him where Bob lived. Bob called and we went and saw where "the other half lives" -- on his boat. And then a couple of cocktails. Then dinner. Needless to say, a long day and I had to catch a plane for a long day of travel to Riverton.

Not bad. Got up at 5 am, took a shower and then climbed back into bed while my hair dried. Tony headed to the course at 7 am and then I went stir crazy (go figure). Finally, went to the airport, headed to the Admirals Club and did the crossword puzzle, then off to Denver. Uneventful flight. Got to Denver. Didn't realize I have never been in Denver's airport. Cross another off of the list. Denver's airport has three terminals, with a train inbetween them and then a separate place for baggage claim. Flew into C, flying out of A -- on Great Lakes Airline. Another first for me.

Great Lakes Airline operates like some of the AA flights at DFW. You head downstairs (meaning: you're walking outside and then up the stairs to get on the plane). Yep. Get on a plane. Yes, a prop plane. Keep wondering if I'll get my baggage. Oh well. The flight is bumpy, but I can see mountains and views. Yellowstone looks really pretty close.

Get to Riverton and Reggie Larson from US Energy Corp. picks me up. And then find out that my bags didn't make the flight. He's the founder's (recently passed) grandson -- later, as I find out, the second oldest of 21 grandchildren! We head to the Holiday Inn. Check in, have a couple of beers, and then head over to his and Elisa (wife -- don't know spelling) and Jackson (9.5 month old son) house. And then go for a drive to see some mule deer and the city (pop. 10,000) and then to dinner.

Just as we're leaving dinner, Reggie's grandma and aunt show up. So, we went in and had another drink with them. It's so amazing to meet all of the people in this family and be introduced to them. It's a close family. I guess we have a bit of that with our families, but we are so spread apart. This family all seems to be within a few hours of each other.

Dropped me off. Supposedly, my bags on on their way to the hotel. Should be here around 9 pm. I really want to put on my PJs and get some sleep. Tomorrow should be even more. I'm enjoying this trip so far -- even without my luggage. Too bad the Bears lost to the Cowboys.

Trivia: Riverton is featured in the short story "Brokeback Mountain" by E. Annie Proulx, as the home of one of the story's protagonists, Ennis Del Mar

Friday, September 21, 2007

Riverton, Wyoming

On Sunday, I'll be Riverton Wyoming bound to meet with US Energy Corp., a company Eisenberg And Associates picked up last year towards the end of annual report season. My second trip to Wyoming, this one with the locals. FYI: Riverton is smack in the center of the state. I'm flying into Denver on American and then from Denver to Riverton -- I believe on an airline called Great Frontier, or something like that. Get in on Sunday, head back on Tuesday. Trying to figure out what to pack since it's going to be chilly.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

DISC Personality Profiles

While we were in Michigan playing tons of golf, Tom and I talked about DISC -- it's a personality profile that helps teams work together, new business pitches/client relationship become more effective. Jason and Frank were a bit skeptical about it.

I'm a definite D personality. Tom's an I. Jason we figure has to be a C. and Frank and S. Everyone is hardwired a particular way -- can't do anything about it, but you can work with your personality type to be more effective.

So, back at work, I pulled my DISC profile from last year and gave a copy to Shane -- thought he'd benefit from knowing how I tick. And then did some research online. The official DISC tests/workshops can be pretty expensive, so I found a free online version:

Took it twice and it came out like when I took the official one. So you know my results.

D= Dominance (I scored 84 and 72 the two times I took it)
I = Influence (I scored 8 and 12)
S = Steadiness (I scored 4 and 8)
C = Compliance (I scored 4 and 8)

People who score in the High Range of D:
* enjoy competition and challenge
* are goal oriented and want to be recognized for their efforts
* aim high, want authority and are generally resourceful and adaptable
* are usually self-sufficient and individualistic
* may lose interest in projects once the challenge has gone and they tend to be impatient and dissatisfied with minor detail
* They are usually direct and positive with people, enjoying being the centre of attraction and may take it for granted that people will think highly of them. They may have a tendency to be rather critical of others. Consequently, other people may tend to see them as being rather domineering and overpowering.

Sound like me? If you look at what being in the low types of I, S and C, you'll see.

Low Range of I:
* are usually socially passive
* quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment
* are generally happy working alone
* frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way
* tend to take little at face value
* may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring them into play when logic dictates such tactics

Low Range of S:
* tend to enjoy change and variety in their work and non-work life
* are expansive by nature and tend not to like routine and repetitive work/activities
* enjoy stretching themselves intellectually and physically

Low Range of C:
* are independent and uninhibited
* resent rules and restrictions
* prefer to be measured by results and are always willing to try the untried
* free in thought, word and deed, they long for freedome and go to great lengths to achieve it. They feel that repetitive detail and routine works is best "delegated."

Still sound like me?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packing up

It's Saturday and we're heading home. Packed up. Doing a little more blogging. Settling up the bets. I'm pretty happy with my play, even though I lost. But, not playing from the women's tees pretty much means that I'm not going to be really "trashy" since I technically have to play fairways and greens from the other tee boxes to get up and down. But, I think I played pretty decent golf. And so did Frank.

Besides, there was no way it would have been fun to play four sets of tee boxes. Especially since we have piddlers (OK, Jason is the main piddler. He has to play with the range finder, analyze the exact yardage, get a golf club, put on his glove -- he's worse than Ron on this trip. Drives me CRAZY). So, Frank and I enjoyed playing from the same tee boxes.

Last breakfast at the Lodge. Time to go on a diet after this trip. One more day of "being bad" as Frank notes. Head to Grand Rapids shortly to catch our flights. Tom and I are flying in together. Jason direct to Houston. Frank is saving $20 (I stand corrected in the car -- $60) and coming in an hour later.

Back to Dallas and 100 degree weather. I have four days to recover before heading to Austin for the NIRI SWRC and the golf tournament at Onion Creek on Wednesday. Terri's email said I need to make sure I'm good to go so we can win this tournament.

The trip to the airport is uneventful and I ditched Tom and Jason before the security checkpoint to see if I could get online at the gate. Yes, successful. The Grand Rapids airport is small, but you can tell that they've recently had some renovations. Frank was lucky and jumped on the 1245 pm direct flight to DFW (and saved $60 on top of that).