Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday in Riverton, WY

Woke up and it's a rainy day in Riverton, WY. But, it's a nice quiet rain and a refreshing change from the flooding rains that we have. Spent the day at US Energy Corp., getting to know the company. Great group. After lunch, Hal and I went for a drive to Lander and to the Eagle Bronze Foundry. This is the foundry that produced the cattle in Dallas (each sculpture was created by Robert Summers and is believed to be the largest continous sculpture of its kind in the world), the mustangs in Las Colinas, the conquistador in El Paso. Large scale projects. The tour was impressive. I couldn't help thinking that some of the bronzes at Perot Systems were created. For me personally, the Payne Stewart statue at Pinehurst was impressive. The level of detail and the process is amazing.
Eagle Bronze Foundry:
Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains beside the windswept plains of Wyoming Eagle Bronze Art Foundry produces world-class art and sculpture for some of the most famous artists and collectors. The foundry was started in 1986 by Beverly and Monte Paddleford. Beginning as a family business, it has kept the strength of its founder’s ties alive in a new generation as daughters and sons-in-law have grown up and come into the business. The foundry is renowned for quality and ships fine art casting to clients throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. The sculpture mix ranges from small jewelry-sized pieces through monumental castings in both bronze and stainless steel alloys.
Dinner with Hal and his girlfriend was in Hudson, Wyoming, at Svilars Steak House, on Main Street, owned by Mike Svilar (who helped start USEG and is also Secretary and General Counsel for the company). Mike joined us for dinner. Another enjoyable evening. Don't want to go back to Dallas the company has been so great. Only wish it didn't rain all day so I could see the sun and the mountains. Maybe next time.
Back to Dallas tomorrow. Hopefully the flights will be uneventful.

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