Sunday, September 23, 2007

Travel Day on Sunday to Wyoming

Yesterday, we went out on the bike -- my first time on it in months. It was a good day. Went to Tony's jobsite, then went to Sharky's after deciding not to go to Octoberfest -- which I didn't want to do anyway. Then, called Mike Clark, and Steve Smith and Damon and other bikers. Mike was on his way to Susan's and would meet up with us. Where to ride? It was quiet and pretty boring at Sharkys. Mike showed up and we went to Pub Monkeys near Woodbridge. And then rode to Lake Lavant (spelling? -- need to look it up). Called Pete and asked him where Bob lived. Bob called and we went and saw where "the other half lives" -- on his boat. And then a couple of cocktails. Then dinner. Needless to say, a long day and I had to catch a plane for a long day of travel to Riverton.

Not bad. Got up at 5 am, took a shower and then climbed back into bed while my hair dried. Tony headed to the course at 7 am and then I went stir crazy (go figure). Finally, went to the airport, headed to the Admirals Club and did the crossword puzzle, then off to Denver. Uneventful flight. Got to Denver. Didn't realize I have never been in Denver's airport. Cross another off of the list. Denver's airport has three terminals, with a train inbetween them and then a separate place for baggage claim. Flew into C, flying out of A -- on Great Lakes Airline. Another first for me.

Great Lakes Airline operates like some of the AA flights at DFW. You head downstairs (meaning: you're walking outside and then up the stairs to get on the plane). Yep. Get on a plane. Yes, a prop plane. Keep wondering if I'll get my baggage. Oh well. The flight is bumpy, but I can see mountains and views. Yellowstone looks really pretty close.

Get to Riverton and Reggie Larson from US Energy Corp. picks me up. And then find out that my bags didn't make the flight. He's the founder's (recently passed) grandson -- later, as I find out, the second oldest of 21 grandchildren! We head to the Holiday Inn. Check in, have a couple of beers, and then head over to his and Elisa (wife -- don't know spelling) and Jackson (9.5 month old son) house. And then go for a drive to see some mule deer and the city (pop. 10,000) and then to dinner.

Just as we're leaving dinner, Reggie's grandma and aunt show up. So, we went in and had another drink with them. It's so amazing to meet all of the people in this family and be introduced to them. It's a close family. I guess we have a bit of that with our families, but we are so spread apart. This family all seems to be within a few hours of each other.

Dropped me off. Supposedly, my bags on on their way to the hotel. Should be here around 9 pm. I really want to put on my PJs and get some sleep. Tomorrow should be even more. I'm enjoying this trip so far -- even without my luggage. Too bad the Bears lost to the Cowboys.

Trivia: Riverton is featured in the short story "Brokeback Mountain" by E. Annie Proulx, as the home of one of the story's protagonists, Ennis Del Mar

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