Thursday, August 30, 2007

DISC Personality Profiles

While we were in Michigan playing tons of golf, Tom and I talked about DISC -- it's a personality profile that helps teams work together, new business pitches/client relationship become more effective. Jason and Frank were a bit skeptical about it.

I'm a definite D personality. Tom's an I. Jason we figure has to be a C. and Frank and S. Everyone is hardwired a particular way -- can't do anything about it, but you can work with your personality type to be more effective.

So, back at work, I pulled my DISC profile from last year and gave a copy to Shane -- thought he'd benefit from knowing how I tick. And then did some research online. The official DISC tests/workshops can be pretty expensive, so I found a free online version:

Took it twice and it came out like when I took the official one. So you know my results.

D= Dominance (I scored 84 and 72 the two times I took it)
I = Influence (I scored 8 and 12)
S = Steadiness (I scored 4 and 8)
C = Compliance (I scored 4 and 8)

People who score in the High Range of D:
* enjoy competition and challenge
* are goal oriented and want to be recognized for their efforts
* aim high, want authority and are generally resourceful and adaptable
* are usually self-sufficient and individualistic
* may lose interest in projects once the challenge has gone and they tend to be impatient and dissatisfied with minor detail
* They are usually direct and positive with people, enjoying being the centre of attraction and may take it for granted that people will think highly of them. They may have a tendency to be rather critical of others. Consequently, other people may tend to see them as being rather domineering and overpowering.

Sound like me? If you look at what being in the low types of I, S and C, you'll see.

Low Range of I:
* are usually socially passive
* quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment
* are generally happy working alone
* frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way
* tend to take little at face value
* may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring them into play when logic dictates such tactics

Low Range of S:
* tend to enjoy change and variety in their work and non-work life
* are expansive by nature and tend not to like routine and repetitive work/activities
* enjoy stretching themselves intellectually and physically

Low Range of C:
* are independent and uninhibited
* resent rules and restrictions
* prefer to be measured by results and are always willing to try the untried
* free in thought, word and deed, they long for freedome and go to great lengths to achieve it. They feel that repetitive detail and routine works is best "delegated."

Still sound like me?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packing up

It's Saturday and we're heading home. Packed up. Doing a little more blogging. Settling up the bets. I'm pretty happy with my play, even though I lost. But, not playing from the women's tees pretty much means that I'm not going to be really "trashy" since I technically have to play fairways and greens from the other tee boxes to get up and down. But, I think I played pretty decent golf. And so did Frank.

Besides, there was no way it would have been fun to play four sets of tee boxes. Especially since we have piddlers (OK, Jason is the main piddler. He has to play with the range finder, analyze the exact yardage, get a golf club, put on his glove -- he's worse than Ron on this trip. Drives me CRAZY). So, Frank and I enjoyed playing from the same tee boxes.

Last breakfast at the Lodge. Time to go on a diet after this trip. One more day of "being bad" as Frank notes. Head to Grand Rapids shortly to catch our flights. Tom and I are flying in together. Jason direct to Houston. Frank is saving $20 (I stand corrected in the car -- $60) and coming in an hour later.

Back to Dallas and 100 degree weather. I have four days to recover before heading to Austin for the NIRI SWRC and the golf tournament at Onion Creek on Wednesday. Terri's email said I need to make sure I'm good to go so we can win this tournament.

The trip to the airport is uneventful and I ditched Tom and Jason before the security checkpoint to see if I could get online at the gate. Yes, successful. The Grand Rapids airport is small, but you can tell that they've recently had some renovations. Frank was lucky and jumped on the 1245 pm direct flight to DFW (and saved $60 on top of that).

Hawks Eye/The Chief

Last two rounds, last day of golf. We're all pretty worn out. But, we're stubborn, rather stupid, so off we go to Hawks Eye ( and the Chief ( two courses near Shanty Creek in Bellaire. Another beautiful morning, another beautiful course.
Hawks Eye is in the winding woods/hills, with lots of raspberry and blackberry bushes and is rated the #12 public golf course in the state of Michigan). My wheels fell off again, got back going, and then off again some more. This late in the trip, my concentration is nil and everything bothers me, especially piddling. And I think everyone is piddling at this point. But, we're outside.

Lunch is good -- beer with a brat. Tom has ice cream (as usual). Head over the The Chief for our final round (14 for me, Frank and Tom; 13 for Jason). Countdown begins. Frank and I are just going to enjoy the scenary and see what happens -- and drink beer.

And Frank and I definitely counted down those last few holes. Finished up. Frank offered to climb up the chief for a photo opp. Off to dinner in Boyne Falls. Then ice cream -- we tried to go into Boyne City, but they had some sort of evening block party and the Dairy Queen was too busy. So, with Frank singing "Baby Love" -- or "Baby Dove" -- we headed to McDonalds instead. Last evening before packing it up and heading home.
[Note to golfers: Hawk's Eye definitely needs to be on the Michigan rotation. I think our favorites, not in any particular order since we all have a bit of differences: True North, Bay Harbor, Forest Dunes, Arcadia Bluffs, Hawk's Eye, Wuskwehan. We want to add Crystal Downs to the list, but only Tom probably has the pull to get on.]

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Mountain -- Alpine and Monument

Thursday -- 10 rounds down with four to go. It's either going to be a good day for us, or a bad one. We're staying close to the condo and playing the Mountain courses -- Alpine and Monument. It takes about 10 minutes to ride the carts up the mountain, and then you play down them. The greens read crazy -- they may look uphill or downhill, but you have to play them "towards the mountain." Won't be a lot of poley pars today.

Game is on. For some reason, my body hasn't completely fallen apart and I play pretty decent. Frank is struggling and cussing up a storm over the greens. Not only are they difficult to read, they are bouncy and slow and bouncy some more. They sure are scenic though with apple trees (not very ripe or good -- the deer like them) and rolling hills.

Finish up with the Alpine course and have lunch at our normal little turnaround spot between the courses. Ray, one of the marshals, comes up and sits down and we begin talking. Ray is from Holland, so he and Frank started dropping names of people that they knew. Tom and I think that before Linda, he and Ray may have dated the same "Susie Creamcheese." Never know.

[Note to readers: I am NOT a professional photographer. If you want to find one in Dallas, Danny Turner, Andy Bennett, Suzanne and Chris Salvo -- et al. They are PROFESSIONALS. I just realized that these photos really are pretty bad, but they aren't meant to be coffee table books, just for reference.]

The Monument course is our second course. I like it, but the holes are kinda "funky" and I don't remember ever playing it well. I don't at first. Ditto for Frank. We need the beverage cart that finally shows up around the seventh hole. We load up. Time for some swing juice. I know it made me play better because I think I parred the next three holes.

After this round, we cleaned up really quickly and went to dinner at the new Lodge. Frank and Tom are going to turn into whitefish they've had so much. Dwain takes care of Frank with a martini -- but no olives. So, there is some negotiating between them and Frank gets olives and a free martini out of the deal. Not bad. Get back around 8 pm and I go in and crash. Two more to play and then Saturday we head back to Dallas.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Ga Ming -- Sundance and Torch

I'm trying to type fast to get drafts with photos posted because Radio keeps asking about the link to the blog. It's pretty hard to work on a blog while having a laptop propped up on a nightstand and sitting on a bed (see "Packing up" post for picture of my office). I'll edit and get more photos added after the trip and I have time. Knowing Jason, he'll probably add comments to all of these posts with a play-by-play of each round he had and exactly what the outcome is. I know I'm boring enough people just talking about these rounds of golf.
Wednesday comes and that Ben Gay menthol/heat patch I wore last night really made my back better. Good thing to pack on a trip like this. We made it up and on the road, stopped at a McDonalds for coffee (no 7-11 for me) and then at a bakery (no kolaches for Frank) before heading to A Ga Ming (, where we are set to play Sundance and Torch.

Sundance is the newer of the two courses (voted #3 best new public course in 2006), designed by Jerry Matthews (not to be confused with The Beaver) and Torch is a pretty old course. Glad we played Sundance in the morning because it was very forgiving (perfect kind of course midway through the week) and none of us played poorly. Quick lunch and then Tom's partner, Jim Hern (sp) showed up to play Torch with us. Tom's been talking about Jim, who has a house nearby, on this trip forever. Makes for an enjoyable round to have someone new with us. He's tall, with a smooth swing with one little hitch/waggle like AK before he hits. Can see why he's a zero handicap.

Before heading to the teebox, I spot a dog sitting in the cart with someone -- a mastiff. If only Maggie could do the same. Wish I had my camera out to take a picture. Luckily, Jason has already taken off and he stops the cart them. The dog quickly gets out and makes friends -- A brindle bull mastiff named Heather. She lets us rub on her before getting back in the cart. I'm still not sure Maggie would be able to sit in the cart like that... Would freak people out at Stevens Park.

Again, we needed the beer cart this afternoon to make it through the round. Tom shoots a 35 on the front. Jason is hacking it around except at the right times -- managed two (or three chip) ins for a ton of trash. Rarely does this happen when he's my partner -- usually it's when Tom is his partner. That's just the whining that Frank and I like to do. The rest of the round, he was sitting in the cart or waiting for the beer cart.

After the Torch round, we head over to The River for dinner with Jim and his wife Harriet. Sitting out on the deck overlooking the swans and the boats isn't so bad. Our plans are to have dinner and then go out on the boat for a while. Jason hasn't stopped talking about the boat since before the trip. Side trip for ice cream before we headed out for a spin on the boat. You can tell Jason is in his element, and Frank, Tom and I are just relaxing on the ride, enjoying the sunset and views.

10 of 14 rounds completed. 4 to go.
[Note to golfers: Sundance is worth playing. Torch is okay, but doesn't fall in the favorite list. And Sundance may only fall into it because it's in great shape and was a good mid-week round.]

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


After True North, we're going to grab lunch at the Bob-in (where we had custard the night before). Jason has to have a square and Tom has mentioned the Bear Claw about 10 days already on Tuesday while golfing. Custard doesn't count as a square for Jason, but they have food.

Our afternoon round is completely different from the morning. Belevedere ( is the oldest (according to Tom -- Jason will check the facts) golf course in Michigan. Built in 1925. And has hosted the Michigan Amateur Championship 39 times. The clubhouse is reminiscent of Glenn Shores, only a little more level and not so moldy smelling. The men and women's private locker rooms are in their own building -- Members Only. This is a round to go barefoot.
Another pretty afternoon, on a course that isn't too demanding. Unless you count the demands of the body performing on cue on the 7th round. My wheels fell off for a few holes since there wasn't any beer, but I woke up a bit towards the end. That's what playing all of these rounds is about. Frank was still playing well. I think it's having me as a cart buddy, since he has played much better when he rides with me than Jason. Yes, Tom, the Control will take credit.
A course you have to play in Michigan since it's so historic (the par threes were really long), but one that you want to either
1. bring your own beer
2. play the morning round.

Dinner in Charlevoix, followed by ice cream. Yes, a trend. We have discovered a beer called Bell's Oberon ( that the label says Kalamazoo. They serve it with an orange wedge and it's really refreshing. We headed back the back way past the Mountain courses in Boyne. As we're heading up the road, there is a man taking a sobriety test on the road, his cart buddy in the cart with his hand over his head. Never have we seen a golf cart driver going through a sobriety test. At least it wasn't us. Couldn't get my camera out fast enough for a picture.

True North

Get up early to leave by 615 am to head to -- yes, play golf again. The condo we're staying at is pretty nice. And big enough for Jason to stretch in. Note that we're trying to check out the weather (probably 30% chance). Off we go.

All I've been hearing about for a year is True North and how much Ron and Frank and Tom and Jason thought it was the best. Tuesday morning, we got to experience it. Past Boyne Country Club a little bit, down another small road. We've never figured out how so many golf courses -- and nice ones, can support themselves in Michigan. Drive in (nice signage) to an empty parking lot. The woman manning the concession stand is also the check in person. Mike's not there -- I think he's the head pro. We go and warm up and then head to the first tee box. Initially, Tom thought the reds were a good choice for me. That meant Tom playing tips, Jason blues, Frank whites and me reds -- that would take forever. I played the first two holes that way and then moved back with Frank for the rest of the round.

The course is scenic with rolling hills -- along the cart paths are blackberry and raspberry bushes -- more than any other course we've played. The yardage books says that the black bears love them. Tom attested to seeing bear poop, so we know tha they were out there. We see turkeys with their flock. And lots of wildlife and nature (note: Jason in the gunk; we didn't make him play Fort Worth rules).

Frank and Tom shot lights out at True North. Frank with a 78 (if it weren't for what I thought was a tricked up 18th, he would have had a 76) and Tom a 75. Me and Jason -- well, I don't know what Jason had, but I'll take my 90-92 from the whites having played the course for the first time ever. Beautiful course -- not my favorite, but now at least on my Top 3 in Michigan.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bay Harbor Golf Club

Of all of the courses we play, Bay Harbor is my favorite. There are three unique nines -- Links, Quarry and Preserves. The pro shop is great. The club house is great. The scenary is beautiful. Jason, Tom and my standing comment is that I'm looking for someone in one of the big houses who's looking for a "friend" -- I'll then invite my friends over in the summer to stay and play golf. Needless to say, it hasn't happened.

This morning, we get up in time to stop for bandaids (Tommy has a blister) and for a good breakfast at Sagamore's the restaurant in the hotel. Then, off to check in and loosen up before another 36 holes. We are playing the Links/Quarry in the morning, followed by the Preserves/Links in the afternoon. Time for some trash and robins.

I've decided that when I get a chance, I'm going to get all of the scorecards from Jason and photograph them for this blog. But, Jason has a Ziploc bag full of them, and it may be tough to get him to part with them for a few minutes.

Morning round is fun. The wheels haven't fallen off anyone yet. Tradition is to hit balls into the bay on the links course - as noted in the photos. It's on the cloudy and windy side this morning. There is always a chance of rain. But, it starts to clear up on the front. Jason's having a pretty good round. Me, not so much, but I have a birdie! Jason and Frank are riding together today since they are playing the same tee boxes.

Lunch on the patio with plenty of time until our next round. Afternoon is Preserves/Links. Our childish game is as we drive to the Preserves teebox, to throw golfballs we've found out of the cart. The cart behind has to chase and catch. The things that amuse us. I think Frank almost caught one. Tom played well that afternoon -- the rest of us had some issues. I had consecutive shanks before shaking them off. Frank wasn't getting the distance. Jason was all over the place. Typical for the afternoon round until the cart girl shows up -- beer and pretzels. That makes us all happier.

Finish up and decide Pizza and Frozen Custard are what we need for a well-balanced dinner. It was. The pizza and cold beer went down well and the Bob-in is now the must go to custard place. Tom, Jason and I had regular sundaes. Frank was the good one and went with the lite custard (what the rest of us should have done). Jason always has a pineapple sundae. But, we've made sure he's had all of his squares this trip.