Wednesday, August 08, 2007

True North

Get up early to leave by 615 am to head to -- yes, play golf again. The condo we're staying at is pretty nice. And big enough for Jason to stretch in. Note that we're trying to check out the weather (probably 30% chance). Off we go.

All I've been hearing about for a year is True North and how much Ron and Frank and Tom and Jason thought it was the best. Tuesday morning, we got to experience it. Past Boyne Country Club a little bit, down another small road. We've never figured out how so many golf courses -- and nice ones, can support themselves in Michigan. Drive in (nice signage) to an empty parking lot. The woman manning the concession stand is also the check in person. Mike's not there -- I think he's the head pro. We go and warm up and then head to the first tee box. Initially, Tom thought the reds were a good choice for me. That meant Tom playing tips, Jason blues, Frank whites and me reds -- that would take forever. I played the first two holes that way and then moved back with Frank for the rest of the round.

The course is scenic with rolling hills -- along the cart paths are blackberry and raspberry bushes -- more than any other course we've played. The yardage books says that the black bears love them. Tom attested to seeing bear poop, so we know tha they were out there. We see turkeys with their flock. And lots of wildlife and nature (note: Jason in the gunk; we didn't make him play Fort Worth rules).

Frank and Tom shot lights out at True North. Frank with a 78 (if it weren't for what I thought was a tricked up 18th, he would have had a 76) and Tom a 75. Me and Jason -- well, I don't know what Jason had, but I'll take my 90-92 from the whites having played the course for the first time ever. Beautiful course -- not my favorite, but now at least on my Top 3 in Michigan.

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