Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hawks Eye/The Chief

Last two rounds, last day of golf. We're all pretty worn out. But, we're stubborn, rather stupid, so off we go to Hawks Eye ( and the Chief ( two courses near Shanty Creek in Bellaire. Another beautiful morning, another beautiful course.
Hawks Eye is in the winding woods/hills, with lots of raspberry and blackberry bushes and is rated the #12 public golf course in the state of Michigan). My wheels fell off again, got back going, and then off again some more. This late in the trip, my concentration is nil and everything bothers me, especially piddling. And I think everyone is piddling at this point. But, we're outside.

Lunch is good -- beer with a brat. Tom has ice cream (as usual). Head over the The Chief for our final round (14 for me, Frank and Tom; 13 for Jason). Countdown begins. Frank and I are just going to enjoy the scenary and see what happens -- and drink beer.

And Frank and I definitely counted down those last few holes. Finished up. Frank offered to climb up the chief for a photo opp. Off to dinner in Boyne Falls. Then ice cream -- we tried to go into Boyne City, but they had some sort of evening block party and the Dairy Queen was too busy. So, with Frank singing "Baby Love" -- or "Baby Dove" -- we headed to McDonalds instead. Last evening before packing it up and heading home.
[Note to golfers: Hawk's Eye definitely needs to be on the Michigan rotation. I think our favorites, not in any particular order since we all have a bit of differences: True North, Bay Harbor, Forest Dunes, Arcadia Bluffs, Hawk's Eye, Wuskwehan. We want to add Crystal Downs to the list, but only Tom probably has the pull to get on.]

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