Friday, August 03, 2007

Official Day #1: Michigan Golf Vacation

Thursday went without incident to begin our trip to Michigan. Picked up Tom, went home, picked up Tony, went to airport, and met up with Frank. Tom and I are sitting in the admirals club, drinking a beer, reading the paper, when Frank calls. Doesn't even let Tom say anything as he is at the airport, outside of the Fridays at Gate 10 and he is hungry and getting something to eat -- right now. So, Tom and I pack up and head over there and eat dinner. On time, we get on the flight, take off, land, get luggage, pick up car, and drive to Holland (with Frank directing), shakes at Steak and Shake (we're big on ice cream), checked in, showered, went to bed. Easy. I don't remember the Grand Rapids/Holland drive at all from childhood. Maybe because it's late, but I also think that it's because the area is so developed.

This morning, got online and discovered that I may be able to check email, but online is SLOW. Maybe it’ll be faster at Boyne. We're going to spend our morning -- after meeting for between 7 and 8 am for the Country Inn's continental. Frank's not so happy with an hour window. Tom and I are bad and just egg him on. This is going to be a fun trip!

We drive by Frank's Mother-in-Law's house for something, in Holland, after driving by where he used to work. Again, don't really recognize much about Holland. Then go on the driving tour. This is more familiar. What was really familiar was driving by the Russ's Big Boy that we used to go to all of the time with Grandma and Grandpa Fines. And the first Wendy's I ever ate at.

Done with the Holland driving tour, so we go for a drive to Grand Haven. I don't remember ever going there, but the drive along Lake Shore is nice. Pretty houses, woods, and eventually the lake. Have to pull into the parking lot at the first beach. Have to go put my toe in the water. It is so warm. Could have spent the entire day there, but we have golf. After driving through town and listening to Frank tell stories, we still have a lot of time to kill. Off to Saugatuck to show Tom the town I remember (kinda). And have lunch. Frank and I drive through downtown, after passing the place we used to go to for ribs (note the theme line, either golf or food). We tried to eat at Billy's Boathouse, but it's not opened yet. Eat on the deck at Butler's instead. I see the antique store where I bought my first piggy bank.

Enough nostalgia, the golf trip officially begins this today. Here’s the schedule put together by Tom (aka Julie, ProVI):
Friday, August 3: 1 pm: Wuskowhan (one of the top 3 courses in Michigan)

Saturday, August 4, 11 am: Forest Dunes
Sunday, August 5, 710 am, Heather Course (rated one of the top 50 women friendly courses)
Sunday, August 5, 110 pm, Hills Course
Monday, August 6, 810 am, Bay Harbor, Quarry-Preserve
Monday, August 6, 220 pm, Bay Harbor, Preserve-Links
Tuesday, August 7, 800 am, True North
Tuesday, August 7, 330 pm, Belvedere
Wednesday, August 8, 820 am, A-Ga-Ming, Sundance
Wednesday, August 8, 130 pm, A-Ga-Ming, Torch
Thursday, August 9, 803 am, Hawk’s Eye
Friday, August 9, 200 pm, The Chief
Saturday, August 11, Return to Dallas

Weather forecast today: No rain, but a chance this week. The “heat wave” is breaking. They’ve been in a drought, so hopefully we didn’t bring all of our rain from Texas.

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