Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packing up

It's Saturday and we're heading home. Packed up. Doing a little more blogging. Settling up the bets. I'm pretty happy with my play, even though I lost. But, not playing from the women's tees pretty much means that I'm not going to be really "trashy" since I technically have to play fairways and greens from the other tee boxes to get up and down. But, I think I played pretty decent golf. And so did Frank.

Besides, there was no way it would have been fun to play four sets of tee boxes. Especially since we have piddlers (OK, Jason is the main piddler. He has to play with the range finder, analyze the exact yardage, get a golf club, put on his glove -- he's worse than Ron on this trip. Drives me CRAZY). So, Frank and I enjoyed playing from the same tee boxes.

Last breakfast at the Lodge. Time to go on a diet after this trip. One more day of "being bad" as Frank notes. Head to Grand Rapids shortly to catch our flights. Tom and I are flying in together. Jason direct to Houston. Frank is saving $20 (I stand corrected in the car -- $60) and coming in an hour later.

Back to Dallas and 100 degree weather. I have four days to recover before heading to Austin for the NIRI SWRC and the golf tournament at Onion Creek on Wednesday. Terri's email said I need to make sure I'm good to go so we can win this tournament.

The trip to the airport is uneventful and I ditched Tom and Jason before the security checkpoint to see if I could get online at the gate. Yes, successful. The Grand Rapids airport is small, but you can tell that they've recently had some renovations. Frank was lucky and jumped on the 1245 pm direct flight to DFW (and saved $60 on top of that).

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