Wednesday, August 08, 2007


After True North, we're going to grab lunch at the Bob-in (where we had custard the night before). Jason has to have a square and Tom has mentioned the Bear Claw about 10 days already on Tuesday while golfing. Custard doesn't count as a square for Jason, but they have food.

Our afternoon round is completely different from the morning. Belevedere ( is the oldest (according to Tom -- Jason will check the facts) golf course in Michigan. Built in 1925. And has hosted the Michigan Amateur Championship 39 times. The clubhouse is reminiscent of Glenn Shores, only a little more level and not so moldy smelling. The men and women's private locker rooms are in their own building -- Members Only. This is a round to go barefoot.
Another pretty afternoon, on a course that isn't too demanding. Unless you count the demands of the body performing on cue on the 7th round. My wheels fell off for a few holes since there wasn't any beer, but I woke up a bit towards the end. That's what playing all of these rounds is about. Frank was still playing well. I think it's having me as a cart buddy, since he has played much better when he rides with me than Jason. Yes, Tom, the Control will take credit.
A course you have to play in Michigan since it's so historic (the par threes were really long), but one that you want to either
1. bring your own beer
2. play the morning round.

Dinner in Charlevoix, followed by ice cream. Yes, a trend. We have discovered a beer called Bell's Oberon ( that the label says Kalamazoo. They serve it with an orange wedge and it's really refreshing. We headed back the back way past the Mountain courses in Boyne. As we're heading up the road, there is a man taking a sobriety test on the road, his cart buddy in the cart with his hand over his head. Never have we seen a golf cart driver going through a sobriety test. At least it wasn't us. Couldn't get my camera out fast enough for a picture.

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