Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bay Harbor Golf Club

Of all of the courses we play, Bay Harbor is my favorite. There are three unique nines -- Links, Quarry and Preserves. The pro shop is great. The club house is great. The scenary is beautiful. Jason, Tom and my standing comment is that I'm looking for someone in one of the big houses who's looking for a "friend" -- I'll then invite my friends over in the summer to stay and play golf. Needless to say, it hasn't happened.

This morning, we get up in time to stop for bandaids (Tommy has a blister) and for a good breakfast at Sagamore's the restaurant in the hotel. Then, off to check in and loosen up before another 36 holes. We are playing the Links/Quarry in the morning, followed by the Preserves/Links in the afternoon. Time for some trash and robins.

I've decided that when I get a chance, I'm going to get all of the scorecards from Jason and photograph them for this blog. But, Jason has a Ziploc bag full of them, and it may be tough to get him to part with them for a few minutes.

Morning round is fun. The wheels haven't fallen off anyone yet. Tradition is to hit balls into the bay on the links course - as noted in the photos. It's on the cloudy and windy side this morning. There is always a chance of rain. But, it starts to clear up on the front. Jason's having a pretty good round. Me, not so much, but I have a birdie! Jason and Frank are riding together today since they are playing the same tee boxes.

Lunch on the patio with plenty of time until our next round. Afternoon is Preserves/Links. Our childish game is as we drive to the Preserves teebox, to throw golfballs we've found out of the cart. The cart behind has to chase and catch. The things that amuse us. I think Frank almost caught one. Tom played well that afternoon -- the rest of us had some issues. I had consecutive shanks before shaking them off. Frank wasn't getting the distance. Jason was all over the place. Typical for the afternoon round until the cart girl shows up -- beer and pretzels. That makes us all happier.

Finish up and decide Pizza and Frozen Custard are what we need for a well-balanced dinner. It was. The pizza and cold beer went down well and the Bob-in is now the must go to custard place. Tom, Jason and I had regular sundaes. Frank was the good one and went with the lite custard (what the rest of us should have done). Jason always has a pineapple sundae. But, we've made sure he's had all of his squares this trip.

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