Monday, August 06, 2007

Day 1 of Two-A-Days

Sunday begins Day 1 of Two-A-Days. Get up early and get on email. People are going to think I'm up, not just waking up, because the time on their emails will be around 330 am. But, I'm awake, so might as well get some work done.

I'm up, ready to go, fiddling on my computer when Tom says that he screwed up and our tee time is at 715, not 815. Everyone scrambles and we rush out the door to get to the Heathers course -- about 25 minutes away. The conversation in the car is about DISC.

Have a really quick breakfast first though and hit about five balls each. We have the first tee time this morning. Frank's huffing and puffing.
Finish up. Head over to the Country Club of Boyne for lunch and then off we go on the Hills course. Tom and Jason are talking about how much they love this course. I have to admit that they all run together and I'm, as Tom said "reminded of a friend," once I'm on the actual hole. Hills is one of our favorites and I quickly reacquaint myself.

Afternoon is beertime and since Tom isn't playing for s**t, and Jason isn't either for that matter (except when it counts and then it's luck not necessarily talent). Last hole, and we know that Frank has won all of the Robin's this round, and has a lot of trash (not hard when you're playing from the women's back tees, but I won't give Frank a hard time about that since there is a lot of golf to be played and the object is fun, not torture). Tom and I get trashy. He's in the bunker. I end up in the drink. He's in the hazard. I knock it 12 feet from the pin. Take my shoes off. Make the putt (double trash). He misses, but still gets double trash. A bit closer.

Off for dinner on the dock (I think it's called The Pier -- how original, but don't hold me to it). Tom and Frank keep talking about whitefish. Look at the boats (see one like the one that Tom hit ProVIs off of). Have Kilwin's ice cream. Head home. This is one of the first times we've made it back to the room before dark. It's nice to sit out on the porch and relax, rather than showering and heading directly to bed.

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