Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Gold Cup: Woodbridge vs. Plantation

Much to the satisfaction of players in the Sharky's tournament, our annual Gold Cup was the same weekend. Woodbridge vs. Plantation. The cup is ours. Friday, Garrett, Keith and I played a practice round at Plantation. 530 pm at Woodbridge, the Skills Competition (putting, chipping, sand, long drive) and pairings are announced.

Get to Woodbridge way early since our round at Plantation finished early and there wasn't any sense in heading home and then dealing with traffic. Frank and Eric were working on the players in the skills competition (none of these are really my forte -- I get chipping). And I get my shirts. They didn't get me women's shirts again (note to men: there is a huge difference in cut in womens vs. mens shirts. Shoulders. Arms. Length.). So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and borrowed scissors from Scotty and then cut the sleeves off and then about six inches off of the bottom. A new shirt -- looks kinda raggedy, but I'll call it "modern." Next year.

Skills competition: Putting
The putt is this ridiculous downhill breaking putt that needs to:
1. Go in the hole for two points, or
2. Remain in the octogon (not a very big one) for one point.
Needless to say, not many made it in. But Garrett stole the show on that one.

Skills competition: Chipping
Doesn't look that difficult except the circle the ball has to remain in for one point, wasn't very big. Again, needless to say, we weren't too skillful at this competition. I even tried putting.

Skills competition: Bunker
Yep, another circle. A small one. Frankie hit one in the circle. I think someone from Plantation did as well.

Skills competition: Long Drive
Believe it or not, there is some accuracy in this. You have to hit it between to flags. The longer it is the more points you receive. I think three points was for being accurate and blowing it all the way through the driving range. Bill and Doug had 5 points each, Doug 3 points.

It's always been the discussion that whoever wins the Skills Competition will lose the Gold Cup. Hard to say it's statistically significant since this is only our third competition. So, Woodbridge wins the Skills Competition in 2007. Now we need to proove this superstition incorrect.

After the Skills Competition, we go in for beers and pairings and times for the morning's Best Ball. Here you go (will fill in the other team after I get the actual pairings):
Liz Kline/Tom Warren
Garrett Persons/Keith Hughes
Mark Patsy/AK Fassett
Doug Kelley/Kelly Dills
Bill Johnson/Tom Abercrombie
Frank Catron/Ron Campbell
Pete Dickensheid/Bob Bergeron

Tom and I are off first. Fine for me. I hate waiting.

We also establish the rules and there is healthy debate over golf balls. In Best Ball, we're all fine with using the same ball brand (i.e. Titelist ProV1x, Titelist DT Solo) throughout the round. In Alternate Shot (after we established that alternate shot is based on one player teeing off on the even holes and one player teeing off on the odd holes -- and then alternating from the tee until the ball is holed), the discussion was whether one ball brand the entire round, or if the even player could choose one brand and the odd player could choose another brand -- and then play that through the round. Two brands wins over. I cared, but didn't as much as the discussion. As long as my teammate fronted the balls, I'd play his.

Friday's over and Saturday's not far off.

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