Monday, October 15, 2007

2007 Gold Cup: Sunday Rounds

Sunday, we don't tee off until 1230 pm, so I head to Woodbridge and practice putting and chipping (Tom indicated that Scott, the guy I'm paired up with, doesn't have a strong short game even though he hits it a mile). Have to work on not decelerating on these shots.

Get to Plantation to warm up. Mark Patsy, Gary, Scott and I are the first off. Good deal since we won't be waiting. This day's shirt I cut up isn't as short as Saturdays. I didn't go with Tom's advice to go braless for "competitive advantage." (note to Laura: I did put on mascara and tinted moisturizer)

First hole, I'm on the left. Scott duffs it off the tee. But, he hits it a long way on his second shot and is right off the green in 2. I lay up and then hit my third long. But my fourth is close. Scott overshoots the hole and has a lengthy putt for par. Misses. I make my 5-foot putt. AS. Second hole, I give him a pop (I have to give him THREE this round -- tried to talk him out of it, me being a girl and all. Didn't work). Scott hits it a mile. I hit it well, but 100 yards shorter. Hit my second close to the green. He hits his left, just off the green. My third shot goes four feet from the green. He makes five, I make par. AS. Third hole, I land in their rock hard bunkers and lose the hole. Fourth, par five -- Scott gets a pop. I get a fence and lose the hole. I think I win the next. Lose the next. Win the next. Tie the next. Something like that. Not playing poorly, but hard to keep up with someone on the green in two, while I'm laying up on my second. But, we're having fun -- and playing fast (don't have any idea what's going on behind us). There is no one in front of us. Needless to say, I'm trying, but not catching up. Lose 5 with 3 to play. Mark is dormie with two to play and needs to make birdie to go to the next hole. He doesn't. Scott is probably terribly happy that he beat me -- that'd be a hard thing to handle for an entire year at Plantation -- the one who was beat by a girl. Never would live that one down!

This is when the fun starts -- we get to watch the rest of the matches and drive around and drink beer. AK has lost his match. Ron was all square, Frank up one. Keith was up. Garrett was up. Doug Kelley ended up drawing Ron, their club champion, but was only one down. Pete's up. Bob is up. Rob won his match. Not bad. Most of the matches were pretty close. And now there is a crowd around the holes. Tom gives up a point to Alan when he hits his hybrid 220 yards into the water (not on purpose). He gives up a pop on the next hole to go down one. Ties the next.

18th is pretty packed with carts and players. We think we've secured a win. By one point. We did. So much for the stat that whoever wins the Skills Challenge loses the Gold Cup. Even though I lost two matches, this has to be one of the best times. The guys at Plantation are great. Our guys are great. Wonderful rivalry. Woodbridge doesn't have the membership that Plantation has -- they actually have to gain points in their tournaments to be able to play in this. Our group is so small that we automatically get in because we do. And we won.

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Kudos on the lip gloss and mascara.