Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Gold Cup: Saturday Morning Round

Some of you may read this twice. Once with pictures. Once without. I don't have any photos now, but it's 600 am on Sunday and since we don't play until 1230 at Plantation, I might as well write about the Saturday rounds. I didn't get the opportunity to see many of the other rounds, so those of you who read this blog and played, feel free to comment on your round. Or send me and email and I'll post -- in fact, should think about setting up a Woodbridge blog...

Note to all: I'm terrible at names, especially on a golf course when I don't have anything to write on, so if I get some wrong. Sorry. You can let me know and I'll correct. I have complete control over the blog!

Wake up to my normal routine (wake up, change, get Big Gulp at 7-11, do crossword puzzle at Woodbrige, warm up) with one exception: pick up golf balls for Ron at Walmart. Note to people going to get golf balls at Walmart at 530 am: you have to go in the entrance at the food court. Golf balls are at the farthest possible corner of a Walmart. It's a hike. And I hate Walmart.

I'm happy that Tom and I are off first. We'll set the pace and not have to worry about waiting on anyone. Find out that we're playing with Ron Club Champion from Plantation (he's a 1) and Steve, who is a 4. So, we're pretty loaded with additional shots -- at least I am! I start off with a ball in the woods. Great. But Tommy tied the hole. We win the second since I get a pop. Third hole. I believe we lost. Fourth hole. I hit it in the woods (yep). I believe we lost. Sixth hole. I don't think any blood. But, Ron doesn't make any mistakes. He birdies 7 and 8 -- with really makeable eagle opportunities. I'm thinking that Tom and I were behind most of the round. But, not getting trounced. Hear that our other teams are doing well at the turn. 10 was a nice hole. I made par, net birdie to win the hole. But, Steve then drains a birdie putt on 11 to bring it back to 2 under. 12 I believe was no blood. 13: this was key. Tom goes for the green in two and doesn't make it, but his ball is up. Steve and I lay up and have great second shots, but then dunk our third into the bunker. Ron has 175 yards and sticks it 15 feet from the pin. But, Tommy is the man and drains his birdie putt. Ron misses his eagle. We tie the hole. We then lose 14. 15 and Tommy is again key and is on the green in two and makes birdie to win the hole. 16th hole is a par 3. One that doesn't give me issues. I don't think Ron or Steve were in good shape. Tom was in the water. I was about 15 feet long on the green. We win 16. Tom wins 17 with a birdie. We are now 1 up with one to play. 18: I hit in the fairway. Tom hits into the gunk on the left. But, we find it and he has a shot. Hit our third shots. Steve and Ron are both over the creek in two (Steve gets a pop). Steve's third shot wasn't great -- window is open. Tom and my fourth aren't great. Steve's fourth wasn't great either. Tom and I only need to tie him in order to win the match. Tom lets me go first so I don't have the pressure on me to have to make the putt (good idea since I'm not known for putting).

It's downhill, down grain, right to left. I'd say about 8 feet. It starts, it stops, it moves some more, it turns, slows down, goes in the hole. We won the match.

Head into the clubhouse. Already know that AK and Mark won their match. Doug and Kelley were losing. Ron and Frank had a big lead but had lost it. Garrett and Keith were all square. Pete and Bob were winning. Tom and Bill were winning. Tom and I grab our lunches and beer and head out to watch the rest of the matches. That's the fun part of about this tournament. You get to watch others finish their matches.

End of morning rounds: Woodbridge 4 1/2 points. Plantation 2 1/2.
Liz/Tom 1
Bob/Pete 1
Bill/Tom 1
AK/Mark 1
Keith/Garrett 1/2
Ron/Frank Lose
Doug/Kelly Lose

Time for alternate shots.

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