Monday, October 29, 2007

Kat and Maggie's Adventure

Kat and Maggie don't get out in the neighborhood much. Tony and I try to get walks in, but Maggie only makes it about 3 blocks before getting tired (and we don't want to have to carry that one home). They have a nice big backyard for Maggie to sunbathe and Kat to chase squirrels.

It's pecan season and the other day Tony let a woman and her child come into the backyard and pick pecans. Nice thought. The little girl played with Kat. When Maggie came outside, they made a quick exit.

On Friday, I'm leaving the office to head home and have two voicemail messages. One from Diane Sherman, the real estate woman who lives a few doors down. "Maggie is on my porch. Call me." The second from Frank, next door. "Maggie is on Diane's porch. I'm not at home. Call Diane." Seems like a gate was left ajar.

My next thought as I'm trying to call Diane. If Maggie is on Diane's porch, where is Kat? I also know that Kat isn't wearing her collar because I just gave her a bath. As I race home, I can only think about someone picking up Kat and taking her home. Or her being run over by a car, since she's out on her own. Or, hopefully, only Maggie is out of the backyard and Kat is in the house.

So, I get home and Maggie is in the backyard. Kat, not in or outside the house. Panic. Tony's racing home too, but stuck in traffic. I call Diane and head out the front door, not sure at all where to begin looking for Kat.

Perfect timing. A woman who walks her dog every morning and evening, walked by and asked if I was looking for a little white dog. Yes! She found Kat wandering around Edgefield and took her home, worried about her being out and getting run over on Jefferson. Kat was very happy to have a friend and spent the day in her backyard. She (Heidi) also made flyers at work and was beginning to post them. We walked over to her house, a couple of blocks away, and retrieved Kat. Kat was very happy to see us, all shakey and jumpy from her adventure -- and spending the day out in a strange backyard. Carried her home.

Kat and Maggie both slept well after their Friday adventures. And, Kat has her collar back on!

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