Monday, December 03, 2007

Cookies We Left For Santa

It's tough each year to come up with a new holiday card for the company. Mine is pretty easy -- find a picture with Kat and Maggie (that's actually pretty tough) and one of me and Tony (again, kinda tough). For our company card, Arthur doesn't mind if it's Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah. Just something fun. I only care that it mails at regular postage rate.

This year, we emailed everyone a link to submit a cookie recipe. We developed a database and collected them for a month. The card this year features some of our favorites. But now, you can go and add more recipes that will populate the database.

Check it out:

Please note those of you who know Arthur and Eisenberg And Associates. We want to do everything right -- and sometimes don't think of the perfect idea until it's almost, but not quite, too late. This year, a week before we were supposed to release to the printer, Arthur decided he wanted photographs of some of the cookies. Difficult? Well, let's say that Laura had to spend two days in the kitchen, making recipes that she had never tried. And then we had to get a photographer to shoot them -- thanks Andy and Suzanne! And, a place to shoot -- thanks Sur La Table!

Merry Christmas!

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