Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Decorations

I have to admit, I'm pretty bah humbuggy about Christmas. But, not about the holiday season. And, I love the decorations, especially the Christmas tree. This year, we have both of them up -- the one that Tony thinks is lame, and the one that may not be that bad (I'll let you determine which one is which). I've promised that the lame one will be thrown out after Christmas. When we put the trees up, I get to do the decorating -- and out come all of our old ornaments. I think about the stories when I put them up. The one I made. The one Jane Satterlee made. The one that Mom made. The treeskirt Al made me for Christmas one year. Great histories make it fun.

Tony had light duties for outside the house. I think Dalton did the majority of the work. Our block is starting to look really festive. Makes it fun to drive home from work and see the pretty twinkling lights.

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