Friday, November 02, 2007

Allison's 20 Year High School Reunion

Al shared with me the pictures from her 20 Year High School Reunion -- Brookfield High School, in Brookfield, Connecticut. She wasn't able to make it, but did get the photos. Her message when she sent it was "No, i didn't go. here are the pics dave asch sent. do you recognize half the people? We don't all look that old, do we?" So, when I clicked, I figured that I would recognize everyone.

Nope. Thank god for name tags or I would have had a lot of problems recognizing people that I spent a lot of time -- friends, boyfriends, teammates, etc. Makes me want to pull pictures of me from high school to see how much I've aged.
All I can say is "wow." I haven't seen many people from high school since college. Haven't seen many people from college either. Makes me want to pull my old yearbooks and check things out.

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