Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tomato tomato tomato

This spring, we planted four tomato plants and four pepper plants. Last years were pretty good. Put a little fence around them so Maggie and Kat wouldn't get in them. Worked for Maggie, but we forgot that Kat is small -- she could just slip through it. But, she's not rough with the plants.

It's been a huge rain season this year, with rain almost every day. We needed it, but it started getting tiring. The tomatoes love it though and took over that portion of the garden. As soon as we had a few green ones, we noticed that Kat would come out, chomping on something. She seems to like tomatoes (as well as rolling them around and chasing them). We're worried that she'll eat them all.

No problems with that. We have had a bumper crop of yummy tomatoes. We've made sauce, we've eaten them in salad, BLTs galore, and you can't not have a big plate of them with cottage cheese (yum). Don't know when they'll stop, but it's been a great tomato season.

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