Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

OK, I've been negligent on the blog. Mainly because I keep forgetting to get my photos developed. And a blog without pictures isn't nearly as fun. But, I finally developed my pictures from Thanksgiving (we bought a cheap disposable since we forgot the digital camera).

Thanksgiving was a blast. We started out staying on the Riverwalk in San Antonio for two nights. Had fun (too many martinis one night), ate well, went to the spa (yes, even Tony had a facial and a massage). Then on Thursday morning, we headed to the Diamond K Ranch -- pretty close to Luchenbach (sp?) to stay at their guest lodge and look at wildlife and eat and drink well.

It was amazing. The guest lodge was full of antiques and built out of old cabins. Rustic, but ultra comfy. The outside patio had a great firepit and overlooked a field. We started out with lunch: Axis burgers. Yum! Then went for a ride to look for "critters." We saw all kinds of deerlike things (some exotic, some just your ordinary white tailed deer). Then off to see the hunting dogs. They had two litters of puppies. And, yes, we wanted to take one home, but we already have enough of a zoo -- and hunting dogs like to run, run, run.
And we went and shot guns! I had never done this before. At first, had no idea what to do. And then was given a golf analogy and started hitting the pidgeons. Could be a new hobby!
Then back to the lodge, where cocktails and Thanksgiving dinner awaited. We asked for "traditional Thanksgiving fare" but with some game. And they delivered: turkey, quail, axis, stuffing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, cranberry relish, good wine -- and creme brulee for dessert.
Spent the night outside watching the fire, smoking cigars, enjoying cognac. A great Thanksgiving. Relaxing. Quiet. Nice.

Woke up the next morning and unfortunately it was so foggy that we couldn't see the wildlife that supposedly comes out in the field in the morning to cross. Think I saw an elk and a white tailed deer. Had a big breakfast and then went for another ride to see the wildlife. We saw Pierre David (sp?) -- an extinct Chinese deer thing that looks like a cross between a horse and a deer. The ranch has the largest population. Saw red sheep that I didn't think looked like sheep. Some other deer things. Pretty cool.

Then packed up and drove back to Dallas the scenic (read: non I35, non post Thanksgiving route). Stopped for a late lunch at a German restaurant in a little town.

A great time.

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