Thursday, October 08, 2009

Presidents Cup. Gold Cup. What a weekend it will be.

As I watch the rain fall, all I can think is: 1) wouldn't it be nice to stay home and watch the President's Cup today 2) it'd better stop by 1120 am on Friday in time for Skins and the Skills Challenge 3) it'd better not rain this weekend for Gold Cup 4) cart path only on Saturday? yuk.

Yes, our annual tradition. The Gold Cup. Woodbridge vs. Plantation. We've won three years in a row. But, is Plantation hungry like The Rest of The World against the USA in the President's Cup this week? And, since we're wearing Greg Norman apparel, does that mean that we're representing The Rest of the World? Or, since Mark is playing in the Skins game on Friday with us, can we count him as our Michael Jordan, Assistant Captain?

Woodbridge's Gold Cup Team:
Ron Campbell
Tom Warren (aka Woodbridge 2009 Club Champion)
Kevin Tate
Garrett Persons (last Gold Cup before leaving us for Kansas City?)
Paul Burke
Pete Dickenscheid
Mark Patsy
Doug Kelly
Bill Johnson
Kelly Dills
Elvin Sharp
Doug Alford (aka Woodbridge 2009 Match Play Champion)
Liz Kline
Matt Maresch
Frank Catron
AK Fassett
John Smith
Joe Moses

Go Woodbridge!

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