Monday, August 03, 2009

Michigan - Unblogged

I know, I know. I've been so good over the years of blogging about our annual trip to Michigan to play golf. But, one thing about blogging: if you don't have internet on the trip, blogging doesn't take place. And another thing about blogging: just isn't the same to do it after the fact. And, since I couldn't blog, I didn't even bother taking pictures this year.

So, about the Michigan trip. It was great. The weather was perfect (high maybe of 80). The courses were great. Forgot how much I love Forest Dunes. Our Treetops experience this year was less than good (SLOW play and they really need to update their lodging facilities -- teal bathroom fixtures???). But, after writing a letter expressing our experience, they followed up with a phone call. And then sent eight free rounds of golf. Motivation to return: YES!

And now it's end of September and I wish I were in Michigan experiencing Fall weather. But, I can look forward to our annual Gold Cup in October instead.

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