Friday, February 06, 2009

Puerto Rico Bound

Never would have thought that I would reconnect with former classmates from Caribbean school on Facebook. And never would have thought that after connecting with one -- Jorge Santana -- and then get to help him rebrand his company. All because of Facebook. Well, it happened and here I am.

Left yesterday -- long flight (and I wasn't upgraded, but at least had a good seat towards the front). Was surprised that people didn't cheer when we took off and landed, like I remembered. Jorge picked me up and we went to dinner to catch up. It's been 24-25 years (since 1984!), but we picked up where we left off. People change, but not so much that you aren't the same in many ways as you were in eighth grade. Lots of laughs in remembering old teachers, students.

I will have to say that I have almost NO comprehension of Spanish anymore. Enough, but barely. That is really sad after taking 12+ years of the language.

Got up this morning and went for a walk on the windy walkway along the water. Had breakfast and then read by the pool. Hotel Normandie is right across the street from the famed Caribe Hilton. I don't remember Allison and I ever going there as children. But, we were kids.

Now, just catching up on work emails, getting ready to show brands to Nagnoi. And then, who knows for weekend.

Puerto Rico still smells the way I remember on the water -- salty.

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