Monday, August 09, 2010

Last Day of Golf: Green Bay Country Club and Oneida Country Club

After a great breakfast at the farmhouse (so nice not having to drive around to find breakfast), we head out to Green Bay Country Club ( for our morning round. Surprised us that it wasn't as "hoity toity" as we thought considering how difficult is supposed to be to get on. And surprised us even more that it wasn't the "traditional" old type of course that we envisioned it. It's awesome. And really not that old. And, did I say, awesome. Well worth the money (and they take American Express). The front nine was pretty slow with two groups of guys ahead of us who eventually sped up. They were from Amelia Island, from the looks of a couple of the guys who also had their Tour Bags like Pete.

Our intention was to grab lunch at Lambeau Field on our way to Oneida. But with only an hour between tee times, we head direct to Oneida and wave to LF on our way. Pulling into Oneida, Dave comments on us being at Bushwood Country Club. There's a pool, and a big club house. Looks a lot like it (but we know that Caddyshack was filmed in Florida). The clubhouse is all fancy, hoity toity. Nice ladies' locker room (with these little flowers you write your name on if you make a par). They do not take American Express. Grab lunch on the patio (and a beer).

And, as non-members, you can't purchase anything from the beverage cart. And the mosquitos were AWFUL. And the trees were huge (not 90% air). Do not go into the rough. Last round of golf. Not the best of our rounds. But a great course to want to take another try at some other time. But, the best part that affirmed that we were at Bushwood -- we met a muskrat (figured that's close enough to a gopher, don't you)? There were plenty of Caddyshack lines tossed around in that round. And, surprisingly for the last round of golf -- Pete didn't break any of his clubs, or throw any into a body of water.

Head back to the Farmhouse, where showers, drinks and dinner await. And sleep. Head to the airport in the morning. Golf is done for this trip. Time to pack up and head out in the morning.

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