Thursday, August 09, 2012

Day 5: Heather and Hills

Today we head out at 545 am to go to breakfast at the Highlands (with a stop at 7-11 on the way for my ritual coffee). Highlands breakfast is a buffet with a guy who has been there as long as I remember who makes really good omelets. Leisurely breakfast because we have plenty of time for our 800 am tee time at Heather. Eventually I’ll get the photo, but a women comes in for breakfast and Bob points, “Look, it’s Ian Poulter’s mom.” She had her hair all bunned/tuffeted (sp) up that looked a lot like Ian’s spikey doo. Pretty funny. Bob even took video.
Weather again is perfect. I love being able to wear a sweater the first holes (would be fine wearing one throughout the round). There are now fewer pictures in this blog because I feel that I’ve already taken so many shots, it’s hard to find new ones. So excuse this blog for having some pretty non-golf images. Plenty of others on earlier blogs. Part of me thought about capturing pictures of all of the cart girls along the trip. Maybe next year. Or the marshals. Or mowers. Or? Taking any suggestions for next year.

Bob checks out the chair at the Country Club of Boyne patio after lunch.
Pete and I are riding together. Bob and Tom. We’ll switch out at the Hills. Bob, again (kind like the Bob In Again), has a good round and kicks some butt. Pete, again, has putting woes. Tom makes the first eagle of the trip on hole 5 (par 5 featured in Big Break). He plays the front pretty well and then not so great on the back. I have some moments and some moments, if you know what I mean. But, I’m on vacation and golfing so I can’t complain.
Bob and I are happy to end the 18 as teammates solidly winning our robin.
Off to the Country Club of Boyne for lunch and then our round at Hills. Lunch on the patio puts Bob into nap mode, Tom into work mode, me wanting to turn my Blackberry on but don’t mode, Pete into talk to the wife mode. It’s pretty relaxing and their sweet potato fries are yummy.
#10 features this crazy green on top of a "mountain." I made par for the first time ever. Usually end up hitting it short or long and ending up in the collection areas and never recovering.
Don't go in this bunker on #12. There were turkeys out today on this hole.
Isn't this "Pure Michigan, Pete?" says Bob.

They think I took this picture and they weren't in the frame. The view to the left is better.

#18, par five, pond on the left all the way to the green
Tee off at Hills and off we go. Again, some good, some bad. It is after all our ninth round of the trip. Four to go.

After we play, with Pete making a great birdie on 18, pack up, Pete picks up his three-wood reshafted (supposedly it was cracked when he pulled it out of his bag. Bob says that may be the case, but before then, it also had an encounter with the cart…) Off to the Bob In Again (Tom and I are happy, Pete and Bob go along with our crazy love of the place). A Moose Track Bear Claw for me and Tom (custard was vanilla and chocolate with Reese’s and the “magic shell”). Yum.

Finally back to the cabin at what I consider a decent hour. Uploading images and typing this up. Uploading Tom’s images to snapfish. Uploading my images to snapfish. Doing the work that I need to do (while extremely difficult on a netbook and Blackberry). Sitting on the floor of my bedroom and typing this makes my knees sore (and my body is already pretty sore from all of this golf). Listening to the Olympics. Spoke to Tony (and Maggie). Time for bed. Will upload the images and this blog in the morning and post.

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