Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Countdown to Michigan 2012

Before we head out on our trip, there's usually a bit of email correspondence back and forth with the final details. Also, the week before when it's 107 degrees and all you can think of is cooler weather, we go into a bit of vacation mode. Here's a sampling of the dialogue initiated by Tom. As you'll see, it's pretty much me and Tom dialoguing. Pete has been absent, but we know he doesn't read all of this and isn't big on email (waiting for him to call and find out what the emails were about). Bob, you will see, below -- well, his email tells you a lot about how he is.

Meanwhile, I have a nice little packet of all of the paperwork we will need for this trip. Go figure, I have a list of "stuff to pack" -- pretty much 90% is packed and crossed off.

8/1/12, 731 am:

Attached is the Final Spreadsheet with GHIN revisions as of today.  Daigle’s and my indexes went down but (curiously) Pete’s and Liz’s stayed exactly the same.  Liz and I briefly discussed the “equalization” of handicaps yesterday and the loosely suggested methodology for adjusting them ongoing.  We decided that using any set formula would be cumbersome and that we will arbitrarily adjust handicaps day-to-day based on how much someone is winning or losing.  This is open to discussion if one of you analyzer types (read: Pete and Daigle) has a better solution.  Boyne weather next week looks fantastic…highs in the mid-70’s to 83 and lows mid-50’s to mid-60’s.  Saturday will be our warmest day at 88 in Benton Harbor.

Liz and I are planning on getting to the airport about 5:30-ish on Saturday.  Since I do not have my usual control of all key elements, Pete, confirm your Mom is picking us up at 9:30….  Daigle please confirm the car at Avis.

Everyone, repeat after me……”I will not bitch…….I will not throw a club……I will not talk in anyone’s backswing……..I WILL have fun!!”

I’m starting to get excited………….


My response: 8/1/12, 741 am:

I will not bitch. I definitely will not throw a club. I won’t talk in someone’s backswing. I will have fun. I will eat ice cream. I will drink beer. I will drink Vernors. I will leave socks and shoes in Michigan. I will take lots of pictures. I will not check emails on the course. I will blog about the trip.

My response: 8/1/12, 905 am:

This picture should tell the story (posted on Bay Harbor's FB page this morning from yesterday).

Tom's response: 8/1/12, 947 am:
Nah, THESE pictures tell the story!!

My response: 8/1/12, 1008 am
Now I know what outfit I can’t wear to Bay Harbor this year!

Daigle's response: 8/1/12, 1220 pm (oh, I so wanted to take a red pen to this and edit it):
Double Hammer ! No guarantees on the " Daiglization" parameters .... The Fun part I can handle !!!!! Labatt's Blue anyone ?

And as far as Handicap goes.... I really don't give a shit... ! Gonna enjoy one shot at a time.... the rest .. well that's well in hand with Liz "The Decider" Kline. ( I assume the pots right on incidentals fund.)

Tom... may want to bring some earplugs or pray for " none sleep interrupting" location of the JACUZZI...or both..... hehe ..

Pete... get ready for a barefoot round of golf.... definitely a "buck list " item.

Game On !!!    
Lemon Drop

Tom's response: 8/1/12, 12:52 pm:
I can always break the Jacuzzi…..

My response: 8/1/12, 2:25 pm
This says it all.
Tom's response: 8/1/12, 2:25 pm

Nah, THESE say it all……

Needless to say, the week before our trip, there's definitely a bit of trashtalking. Couple more days and we'll be in Michigan! 

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