Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maggie and Kat

Everyone knows that Maggie and Kat rule the house. Maggie, is going on 11 years old in November and while she's creaky -- and missing three toes -- manages to get around. And amazing how quickly she gets up when she smells cantaloupe (why, we don't know), or bacon, and a few other things. And, if I'm not out of bed in time, she is right next to the gate waiting for her cookie. Took her to the vet last week and she's down to 150 pounds. That's a good wait for an old girl. Hard to believe she once was 230 pounds.

And then there's Kat, or Kat Dog. Our poor little girl -- who we thought was going to be a little white princess puppy to find out that white terriers don't like to stay white, and like to roll in places they should so that they can smell extra special. Well, Kat has been suffering with skin issues. Itchy scratchy, flaky skin, infections. Poor baby and the vet hasn't been able to figure out what's wrong.  But, after more and more reading, westies are prone to skin issues.

So, we moved Kat off of Maggie's food and on to a glutten free food and cookies. Help? Who knows. She still likes to try and steal Maggies food and cookies. And, she gets Benadryl 2X a day (and loves it). She's been on Prednisone (but, that's not good for a long time and she also got pretty chunky as it makes you hungry). And antibiotics. And special shampoo. And more trips to the vet. And more time on the internet reading things. But who wants their babies to suffer? Not us.

Yesterday I posted on a Facebook Westie site including asking about a medication called ATopica. No feedback. But, the English Mastiff group I belong to is quite vocal and informative, so I decided to post it there. Whammo -- raw diet, chick pea flour dog cookies, Sojos dog food (raw dehydrated and then you add water), Natural Balance dog food, holistic vet, animal dermatologists. Could be mites, could be thyroid, could be allergies, could be... Very helpful information that now I'm contemplating. Didn't know that the glutten free dog foods still have stuff in them that Kat could be allergic too. Very helpful stuff from the English Mastiff community.

First a Produce Co-op, then a composter. Now, it sounds like going organic may be in Kat's future.

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