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Pinehurst Golf Academy "One of Three" Golf Experience Reflections

Still don't have many photos to post (Brad and Kris are sending me theirs since I was negligent on the photo op front). But, sitting in the Admirals Club with time to kill, figure I'd start putting down some afterthoughts on this experience. They aren't in any particular order. And they may ramble and you'll get bored, but I really have nothing better to do.

Few (or many) things:
* If you see a post from Pinehurst asking you to send an email about why you should be on camera for three days of Golf Academy -- for FREE -- jump on it (sorry, but I didn't share this post with my friends because I didn't want to get the word out). Amazing experience.

Dan, Brad, Kris meeting up for drinks and dinner on Thursday night. Tim got in late.
* Even if you have to stay up late, spend as much time as you can with the people that you're going through this experience with. Dan and Tim were great as producers of this show. Brad and Kris were great to experience this with. The more time you spend with them, the easier it is.
* Hope that you have a Brad in your mix. What I mean by that is -- a on camera sports person. He'll take over when you're having issues. And you will have issues (see below).
* Being broken down in the academy AND being on mike and on camera all of the time -- and interrupted while you're thinking 30 others things and can't even remember your name -- IT'S HARD. With all of my in person, in front of people experience, theatre experience, I didn't think I'd have a problem with the camera at all. Oh, I was so wrong.
* When they drag all participants into the bay to video ONE swing, you will be nervous (it's a small room and you barely know anyone). You may miss it (but nobody did in our group). They don't really care if you hit a ball or air. They just want to take a green highlighter to show you all of the things that are wrong with your swing (while I haven't had this, it's kinda like going to a plastic surgeon where they take a pen to all of the areas you want nipped and tucked).
Stephanie, bartender at Dugans
* Dugans can be an evil place, especially if you go before Day 1. But, don't turn it down.  You're here for the full experience of Pinehurst, the Academy, and being "a superstar." You're supposed to have a hangover opening day.
* For dinner, definitely order all three courses (appetizer, entree, dessert). In my case, everyone else ate what I didn't. In Dan's case, we had an extra appetizer since he was going to skip his (he wasn't thinking about the team, but we quickly recovered for him).
* If you're a morning person like me, you're going to suffer if you wake up before 530 am (even 545 am). No in room coffee makers (hotels could burn down, or so they say). Going for a walk each morning didn't quite cut it while waiting for the coffee to show up in the lobby. Doing yoga in my room didn't quite cut it either.
Who couldn't order a Slammin Sam to drink on a golf course. Yes, I'll have two please. Probably should have ordered three.
* On Day 1, they will "break you mentally and physically" with the instructor analysis, video analysis, on course practice. You have 51 swing thoughts going on in your head and you can't figure out which one you want to think about. And while on course, you're also dealing with "other stuff" and the instructors pushing you, tugging you, this way and that to get you where you're supposed to be. And then you might completely miss the ball. It's OK. After they leave after about 8 holes, get a couple of beers (one won't do). Everyone is feeling the same.
* On Day 1, definitely play all 18 holes, but don't expect to "score." Don't expect to really even care the last nine. Enjoy the beer and the company you're with. And the fact that the mikes are off and the cameras too, and you can say bad, mean things about the producers (not that we did, but we could).
* Definitely eat all three meals. They are on the package. And, the food is really good. DEFINITELY DON'T SKIP DESSERT AT PINEHURST!
* On Day 2, you'll feel "human" again. They'll work with you on all of the swing thoughts they gave you and encourage you. And you'll actually hit some pretty good shots (of course, these beauties will always be off camera and the producers will only capture the misses -- hopefully they were hiding and secretly filming when I was hitting these shots).
* Ask questions. Listen to your instructors. Ignore the producers and pretend they aren't there (easier to do Day 2). Maybe if you get them drunk the night before, they may be ignoring you and you can focus on golf.
* If they ask you if you want to go back to the Academy after they are finishing up the on course practice and leaving you on your own -- definitely accept (in my case, I needed to hit 300+ balls so that it felt natural and not so much like a technique).
* From the above, probably not the best idea to hit another 300+ balls after you've already hit that many in the morning...
* Worry briefly if they ask if you ever played golf "the other way" (in my case, right handed). But then just think that they think you have such skills that you'd be awesome both right and left handed.
* Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. (good time to do when you're waiting for the coffee to be out in the lobby).

NOTE: Dan and Tim at Go TV Entertainment were awesome. They dealt with not knowing us but having to deal with us. Not knowing if they would have ANY usable footage of any of us (except Brad). Of not knowing if on Sunday the before and afters would be impressive (or worse than before). Leaving them to go on istock video footage to find golf shots to superimpose onto Pinehurst hallowed grounds (without letting us, Pinehurst, or the general public know that that perfect ball flight was not me, Brad, or Kris, but some long hitter looking to make $300 bucks by selling istock a "perfect tee shot video." -- Have to see if there are any of these. I can't wait to see the final segments, but I know they'll be great.

* Have fun. * Yes, you will wonder who Paul, one of the instructors reminds you of. Yes, you will finally figure it out on Day 2 that he reminds you of Damon Wayans. And, you will never be able to look at him without also seeing the little hat he wore in "In Living Color."

Paul (aka Damon Wayans) giving on course practice tip. We think this may have been the 50 yard hybrid/putt to the green that we all royally sucked at. It was to show that we have "options" around the course. This one was not a good one for any of us. Note camera. Note the mike on Kris.
* Yes, if you're "one of the three" (surely they'll come up with a different format than this or Take 10 if they do it again, but it will involve the Golf Academy and they won't be changing up the format of the Golf Academy as far as I know), you will spend time together. You will not spend much time with the rest of the group away from the academy.
* If your child accidentally has a poop fall out on the floor in a friend's kitchen, fess up to it instead of hiding it, causing her to step in it. It's not your child's fault he couldn't hold it. Technically it's your fault because you can't poop in public and hold it until you get home.
* The camera does make you heavier. Black isn't a bad choice. Crazy patterns, I don't think Dan and Tim would have been too happy. And, you'd look fat.
* Per Laura, if you're a woman, wear mascara -- and lip gloss (and, yes, Laura, I did, even though I didn't reapply).
* You will hate some (or all) of the instructors -- but only briefly. I wanted to kill Jeff out on the course when we had on-course practice. But, the next morning, Jeff did wonders in getting me and my swing back together (sorry, Jeff, for the "I'd like to kill you" thoughts).
* You will revert back to your "school days" when you're talking in class, not paying attention to the instructor. But, you're an adult. And, there's the internet and you can probably google what you didn't hear later.
* If you've had enough of Dugan's, there are other establishments in the village. They don't have kareoke (sp), but they may have live music. All of them will be frequently by (1) men wearing golf clothing in herds because they are on a "guys trip" and out on the town  (2) overly dressed women and their husbands because their husbands are golfing while they are at the spa (3) others -- like us. Don't think we cared too much about what we wore to dinner.
* Even if it's cold, you haven't warmed up on the range, it's cold, and you haven't warmed up on the range, if you get to film a segment playing #18 on Pinehurst #2, do it. And, per the shuttle driver, they put the pin on 18 in the same place that Payne Stewart won the US Open -- each and every Sunday.
* Listen to the shuttle drivers. He told me something about triangular greens and oil and water. I wasn't paying enough attention (see above) so I'll have to google it.
* It's pretty awesome. You'll have an ah ha moment, even if the camera isn't rolling.

Enough of my Pinehurst reflections. Photos to come. Another drink at the bar before heading to USAirways.

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