Sunday, October 21, 2012

Student Video Player - Pinehurst Golf Academy (before and after)

Well, the 3 Day Golf Academy at Pinehurst is over. Headed back to Raleigh Durham Airport, unfortunately unable to play Sunday because there was no 2 pm shuttle and I have to catch a flight. Unfortunately flying US Airways (nothing against them), but there is an Admirals Club. Just watched my before and after video of my swing and there is a Share feature that I'm trying out. If you're not a golfer, you probably don't need to watch. If you are a golfer and know that I've managed to put a game together. But apparently without a swing that should work -- but I got away with. This is what Pinehurst Golf Academy, thanks to Eric, Jeff, Paul and Brian, managed to do with me (yes, stubborn me) in what I would really say is 2 days. And most of the fixing took place on day 2 (first they break you down, then they build you back up). I am amazed and how good the swing feels (and looks). I'm even hitting my woods again. Still have a lot of work and practice to get it right, but I am really happy to participate in the Pinehurst Golf Academy. And happy that I was one of the lucky three selected to be filmed for three days by Pinehurst and Go TV Entertainment.

Student Video Player

There will be more follow up blogs on this adventure, but figured I'd see how a video posts on my blog (first time to try this feature).

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