Friday, September 15, 2006

End of Summer

It's the end of the summer, but not yet the end of lazy weekends at Lake Texoma. Thought I'd show you where we spend parts of our weekends. While I'd like to say it's the big house (that's Ross Perot's), ours is pretty cozy. It's great to be able to hang out on the boat at Deer Cove, have a few cocktails and then hang out on the dock. AC and a kingsize bed ain't too bad either. Heading to Soldier Creek for a boatride and breakfast on Sunday morning -- what an awful life we have! While Maggie isn't really a lake dog (what an adventure that weekend was we did bring her up there), Kat doesn't mind hanging out on the boat and in the water and rolling around in the sand at the beach.

Speaking of Kat, today she had her "puppy maker" taken out. Poor little baby. Felt so bad the morning when we got up. She wasn't allowed to have breakfast, so Maggie had to go without her cookies and breakfast this morning as well. Maggie especially wasn't happy without her morning cookie. Hopefully she won't destroy something today to spite me. Kat's recovered, and didn't have a bad time when I was in Washington DC for a Leadership Conference (more on that in a separate blog) and Tony was in Amarillo. Poor Maggie has an awful eye infection and is on all of these steroids and antibiotics and ointments and... poor Mags.

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