Monday, March 26, 2007

New cooktop

We finally have a new cooktop in our kitchen. If you'd ever seen what we've been using since I bought the house, you'd understand that this is a momentous occasion. The old one didn't heat "extremely" well, the burners were so crooked that everything cooked at a slant. The knobs weren't accurate (as I figured out one day while trying to boil water and after an hour, realized that high was actually low ... OK, I am a blonde, but I can boil water!).

Did some research online, looking for a white on white ceramic cooktop. Who wants to go shopping if you can avoid it. Before ordering, I called the store to see if they had it in stock. Of course, I'd want a special order item. So, I ordered it online for delivery at the nearby Lowe's.

Sometime during a presscheck break, Tony and I went and picked it up. The next day, Tony installed it. Came home from a presscheck and -- what a difference it makes! But, we have to read the instructions because it has all of these possibly neat things it can do.

I haven't cooked on it yet, but Tony has. He started with breakfast -- and burned everything. It's a lot hotter than the old one. Something to get used to.

And, of course, with a new cooktop, I had to then scrub the rest of the kitchen so that everything looks new. As I was cleaning the fridge (next replacement), I discovered that the rust spots came off. So, I have a much whiter fridge now. We also discovered that with a ceramic cooktop comes more new cleaning products. I bought one of each.
We also have new cookware from Christmas and donated my old to Tony's brother. All shiny and new.
Back to watching Iron Chef America!

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