Saturday, June 07, 2008

Small World

OK, I get to my 10th NIRI National Conference in San Diego. Happy that the trip was uneventful, if not easy (especially with the upgrade). Catch a cab to the hotel (Manchester Grand Hyatt -- please note that the rooms need upgrading and are a little dingy, but the view from my room in the Harbor Tower is pretty sweet). Have 20 minutes in my room to get freshened and meet Jason in the bar (oh, surprised?).

So, get to the bar. Vince White from Devon is there. Jason is there. I grab a cocktail and we're getting caught up. And then I look across the bar. That man looks familiar. Look across the bar again. He waves. He looks really familiar. And then realize that it's Mark Larsen from US Energy Corp. and his wife. Catch up with him and then Reggie comes down with his wife and baby (and another on the way). They've decided to come to NIRI (of course, Mark is asking me about sessions and which ones he should go to and I don't even know what the agenda looks like!).

Dinner and then -- Walter, Gaff, Terri, Ian and more and more of the NIRI crew show up (at the bar, of course).

Today: golf and then the Leadership Dinner. Wonder who I'll run into this time.

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