Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The emotions of getting on Facebook

A few months ago I took the plunge and signed up for Facebook. Mainly to see what it was all about. Afterall, I'm in marketing and should be up on the latest trends, right? Secondarily to see what everyone in the office was spending so much time on. Also, to see if I could generate new business out of it. Why not!

So, I signed up. And then started spending time and finding people. Became a bit addictive. Talked my sister into it.

She finally got Robert, her husband, to sign up and she summed it up perfectly below:

I was going to email you this morning because robert finally got on facebook and is totally addicted. it's really funny. he's going thru the same range of emotions I did. 1) There's no way I'm joining Facebook. 2) Disdain for others on facebook. 3) What, my Mom is on Facebook? Guess I gotta do it. 4) Okay, can't figure out the damn thing- how do i set up my profile? 5) Look at these people I'm finding! 6) Running upstairs to check the Wall & to change status. 7) this is fun!

Happy Holidays!

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