Friday, September 24, 2010

Ryder Cup, then Gold Cup

In a week, Ryder Cup will be on. The next week, Woodbridge and Plantation will be going up against each other in our Annual Gold Cup. Last year, Plantation took the cup from us. We're raring to go and take it back. I'll be sitting out this year from play, but acting as Assistant Captain. We hope this year doesn't bring the torrential rains that forced us to play all rounds at Plantation.

The Woodbridge Team:
Ronnie Cross (Woodbridge Flight One Club Champion)
Paul Burke
Elvin Sharp (the assassin)
Peter Dickenscheid
Bill Johnson
Jack Thompson
Mark Patsy
Brian Hackney
Brett Bim
Ron Campbell
Doug Kelly
Tom Warren (2009 Woodbridge Club Champion)
Greg Neal (aka the cop)
Gary Foster
Kelly Dills
John Smith

Stay tuned.

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