Friday, January 28, 2011

Dallas and the Superbowl

Note: I was not driving while taking this picture. Sitting at a traffic light. But, you can tell that I haven't mastered the Blackberry camera taking a picture of Reunion Tower lit up.
Well, the Bears won't be in the Superbowl in Dallas this year. Too bad. But if you're in Dallas there is no way to avoid the hype in town. On a 30 minute newscast, 25 minutes is devoted to the Superbowl (maybe 28 since they seem to be able to give traffic and add in Superbowl traffic input and the weather and add in Superbowl weather input). The Dallas Morning News has also turned into "Countdown to the Superbowl."

Last night, we wondered what they would do to Reunion Tower. This may be phase I, but this morning on my way into the office, the base was lit up blue. Guess that starting now all of the buildings who conserve energy by not being lit all of the time -- well, downtown Dallas should start looking like a disco.

Thoughts of getting out of Dallas sound pretty good. Thoughts of renting my house would have too -- but figured that renting a house with "must like dogs" didn't seem like a good sell.

$15K for a ticket to Diddy's concert? $15K for a ticket to Prince? $500 to park (call me, for $500 I'll drop you off and pick you up and you can park at our house). $200 to sit in the parking lot at the stadium and watch the game?

Granted, if someone called with some freebies, I'm sure I'd consider.

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