Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Allison's Blog

OK, my much, much older big sister Allison has finally gotten with the program and has a blog (I remember how hard it was to get her on Facebook).

Hopefully she'll add some shows that I watch to her posts (hint: golf shows, food shows, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show). Hopefully she'll blog about the Oscars because she goes to more movies than I do.

In case you think my blog will change because of Al's: nope. You'll still be "riveted" by my golf commentary.

Stay tuned: Next blogs: Pebble Beach AT&T Pro Am and February 19 Woodbridge Reverse Scramble (read: worst shot).


GroovyMommy said...

Ha ha, "little" sis. Remember that in a few days we'll be the SAME AGE!

Anonymous said...

Your "much, much older big sister"? HAH!


GroovyMommy said...

As requested, I blogged the Oscars.