Monday, May 02, 2011

The Grill

We're pretty big on grilling. Unfortunately, my 10 year old Weber gas grill started to show it's age. Only the front burners worked and the right side cooked faster than the left. No matter how hard we tried, the grates just wouldn't clean up.  And then, there's that debate about gas vs. charcoal. I'm a firm believer in both -- but want the convenience of turning on the gas, with the occasional ability to use charcoal.

So, a year or so ago, the new grill conversation started. Gas vs. Charcoal. Keeping old Weber and using it for gas and buying a charcoal. Keeping old Weber and converting it to a charcoal grill and buying a new gas grill.

And then, one day, we saw this grill -- a big grill. One side is gas. One side is charcoal. How cool could that be?

But, conversation continued -- is this just a cheap grill that will last a year? We went to the store and it seemed sturdy. Pretty much two grills attached, with a burner on the side.

So, we decided at $299 for the grill, if it was just a cheap grill that lasts a couple of years, so be it. We'll just run it into the ground if that's the case.

Why am I blogging about this CharBroiler duo grill -- it's awesome. We can charcoal, we can gas grill. Or, as is often the case -- do both at the same time. I get the gas part, Tony gets the charcoal. And in the case of Saturday, when we decided to grill, and started ... just in time for the torrential downpour to come ... if the charcoal wasn't going to get hot enough, we could switch over the gas and still have dinner.

I feel like a product endorser right now, since we've been grilling so much lately, and loving it. Lowes has one. HomeDepot carries one under a different name.  I might be saying something else in a year if we find that it's a cheap $299 grill.

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