Friday, June 10, 2011

NIRI National and "Old Age"

Hard to believe that I'm about ready to head out to my 12th NIRI National Conference ( Really? This time, back in Orlando at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes. This time, those of us coming in from Dallas will be insisting on watching the Mavericks play in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Talking about old age, we have an intern this summer, Jake Berman. He's a senior at Davidson, is a Phi Delt, is on the baseball team. He's 21 -- that's almost how long it's been since I've been OUT of Davidson. He was born when I was at Davidson. We're talking about going to my 20 year Davidson College alumni reunion next year -- only a couple of weeks after Jake graduates.

We had lunch on Thursday with a fellow Phi Delt, John Walsh (three years my junior, so he only makes me feel slightly older). Started telling stories about "the way things were back then" -- dock stories at Giggy's. Airband. Betty, the Phi Delt "cook." Pig Pickin.' At least Jake was able to say "things haven't changed." That made us feel less old, I think.

I don't feel old. I hope I don't look old (thank goodness for Clairol). But you start looking at twelfth this and twentieth that... the numbers start looking pretty big.  Guess I could look at it as -- under 25 years until retirement.

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GroovyMommy said...

It's a good thing you're the older sister.